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Does anyone ever wonder why these highly payed, highly trained, highly recomenned, dermatologists cannot stop simple pimples from coming off your face? The medical field can do amazig things today, heart transplants, brain surgerys, sex changes! but they cannot cure a simple thing such as acne? Sometimes I almost hate my dermatologist when i see them. They walk in with clear perfect skin and act like my acne has gotten soooo much better. Constantly putting me on different cremes, antibotics, etc... Telling me i wont break out when im using these products but everytime i do. For some reason things in my life right now have been taking a weird but good turn and i decided to change my major in school and become pre med. And maybe some day become a dermatologist. Now why would i become that person i hate? because everytime someone comes in with the problem i had i will not just right them a prescription and let them go, i will be able to relate to them and understand what they are going through. And maybe, just maybe find a cure for acne. Has anyones acne inspired them to become a dermatologist?

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Guest Avian

Acne is a complex condition that isn't directly life threatening. That combo means that it's hard to treat and also not particularly well-researched. Heart transplants and brain surgery demand (and deserve) more time from the medical profession.

But I really do hope you can find a cure for acne biggrin.gif

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You have to take into consideration that every person is different as well. Once aggrivating factor for acne is not necessarily true for all people. One drug may work well with a certain person, but not for another. I can't a miricale cure for every person ever coming.

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