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Life ALOE VERA ? (Green gel)

has anyone tried it?

i went to a BIG shoppers drug mart (here in canada)... and asked for 100% aloe vera...they gave me a huge bottle of Life Aloe Vera gel...

the thing is

it doesnt say anythin bout being "100%"

however the ingredients are:

Aloe Brabadensis Gel

SD Alcohol 40


polysorbate 20





imidazolidninyl urea


fd&c yellow


does anyone knwo if its ok to use?

the bottle also says.... "helps relieve sunburn pain&prevents drying and peeling"

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don't buy it,, it's not 100%, it's mixed with alot of other ingredients that can irritate and dry your skin. I was using 98% Jason brand aloe vera gel and that makes my skin kind of dry. Now i'm using the gel straight out of the aloe vera plant which seems to work great on my skin.

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Same stuff I bought before checking the ingredients, lol.

I put it on, then read the ingredients - Alcohol being one. I was mad, but my face didn't break out..Didn't seem to get dryer...I dunno', try it I guess? tongue.gif

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Looks like your average aloe vera gel. No aloe vera gel is going to be 100% aloe vera despite what a certain company says on the front of the label (that designation has no actual meaning and is on there for gullible people that don't read ingredient lists). The only ingredient that I don't see in most gels is the benzophenone (usually added to stuff as a sunscreen). Aloe vera juice usually only adds citric acid and potassium sorbate (these 2 are fairly benign preservatives) -- you'll have to apply it with cottan pads or something like that since it's liquid; and also keep it in the fridge.

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aaah21, Wal-Mart carries Fruit of the Earth 100% pure aloe vera gel. It's in the pharmacy section next to the "natural" skin care section.

Presidents Choice (Superstore/Extra Foods/Loblaws etc.) has a 98% pure Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

The aloe should be clear or whitish in color. The green colored gels contain chemicals and additives which some may find problematic.

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