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I posted a regimen where I just used water for about a week, but I guess my skin was just too bad and it did nothing for me. So here's whats happened since then.

I went to see my doctor again and she put me on doxycycline. If it does not start to clear in 2 weeks she said then she was going to refer me to a derm to put me on roaccutane.

I've been on oxytetracycline before for about 3 months. Didnt do much. So Im not holding out for this.

I thought id keep a log in case someone was in a similar situation to me and wanted to see what happened. Also I can track my progress or lack of progress.

I have been taking doxycycline for 5 days...

Current Situation

Forehead: Definately alot clearer. No new breakouts. Red marks in abundance.

Right Cheek: Can feel about 4 new average sized ones about to pop through. Just gotta hope they dont last for long. And this side was clear for a while!

Left CheeK: One new one today. Old marks linger and a few fairly recent ones start to fade to marks

Chin: About three in the corner of my mouth. Very bumpy. Looks like shit

Regimen(starting today)

AM : Shower (using gentle face wash)

Apply thin layer of BP

Take 50mg Doxycyclin

PM: Wash face using gentle face wash

Apply thick layer of BP

Take vitamin B-complex

I am 17 years old. Have been suffering from acne for 2 and a half years. I want to be clear by the end of June.

Oh and everytime i pick im gonna put a pound in this jar! And then when im clear i get all the money in the jar.

Any tips? Encouragement? Advice?

PLEASE REPLY!! I need encouragement or i will give up

Jaime wink.gif

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Hey, so im gonna get this stuff called ZINERYT as it worked so well for my friend. Completely cleared him. Has anyone used that?? Sent a letter to my doctor today

Day 6 on doxycycline

Forehead: Maybe one new average size one but happy with the state of my forehead at the moment

Right Cheek: The spots that have been brewing has come to the surface,,about six of them and they hurt!! But they are relatively small, so hopefully a few days will see them fade to (yet more) marks.

Left Cheek: Just red marks and the remnants of a beast which has recently died

Chin: A lot better than it has been, but still prity bad...a few active pimples and older ones which refuse to budge.


AM: shower(using simple cleanser with pro vitamin B5 and E)

50mg doxycycline

apply zineryt (from wednesday)

apply thin layer of bp

Afternoon: Wipe face with evian originalles wipes

PM: wash with simple cleanser

apply thick layer of bp/zineryt

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Hey, nothing new to report really except im prob gonna get the Zineryt stuff tomoro...could some1 please tell me what it is and if it worked for them!

Day 7 on Doxycycline

Today was the day where I noticed an improvement. Okay so I still have cheeks full of spots. BUT they are small and fading fast. My forehead is just red marks and my chin is also full of red marks.

I cant wait till this time next week. Im sure the results wil be alot better.

Still using the same regimen, except i added a thin layer of bp after i went to the gym today. Just to keep myself topped up!

Neway guys, i think this is working!


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Day 8 on Doxycycline and Zindaclin 1% Gel

I have a dream...that everyone will have clear skin and not be depressed or feel self conscious because of bad skin. I have a dream that when they look in the mirror in daylight their skin will be amazing.

So thats what i want,,dunno why i wrote that. Random.

Okay so nothing new forming...looking a little better! I am no longer getting cysts!!and big huge ones! Yes!

I got this gel called Zindaclin Gel today from my doctor, does ne1 know what it is??

Please reply! Say anything...


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Day 10?? - thts gone quickly

That zindaclin cream is making my skin so dry! Had so much peeling today...im goin 2 use alot more moisturiser now.

Other than that I have two active pimples on my right cheek and a few bumps on my left cheek. Red marks and old bumps on my forhead and i think my chin is clearing up nicely...

Here's something...if you have been on an antibiotic and it didnt work. Try another antibiotic because u just mite be resistant or sumthin to the other one...thats wot happened with me


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not much time,,,day 11: prety much the same as yesterday...

Wish it would hurry up! but im not complaining

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Keep up the good work biggrin.gif

I'm in a similar situation as you. I was on Mino for about 5 months with some improvement, then it seemed to loose its effectiveness. Last week, my derm switched me to Doxy. I also eliminated dairy last week as well so we'll see how it goes! cool.gif


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Thanks for the feedback! Let me know how it goes for you as well

So...I got a piece of news that wasnt 2 great today...

I've got to get my passport renewed in a months time

I have a month to get clear!!

Feels a bit like james bond,,got to get out of an impossible situation. ninja.gif

So 4 weeks is the countdown... shock.gif

My current situation is ok i guess...not as bad as it has been.

ONE ACTIVE PIMPLE (well its goin 2 come up today or tomoro)

Only one!! WOW...thts an acheivement.

Still got bumps on my cheek thou and on my chin and forehead, but im holding out that they will go in the next week

Cya guys

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'spotnick' was what someone called me 2day,,,lol

Day 13

So iv nearly reached the 2 week mark of the antibiotics.

And i have about five active pimples on my face...thank god theyr not big ones. But along with my red marks it looks like im back where i started.



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So iv decided to change back my diet...one last indian curry tonite and then its back to no mcdonalds and limiting fried food, also no milk...but i never drank that neway so it doesnt matter...no chocolate, no donuts etc



Take 50mg Doxycycline

Shower using a gentle cleanser on face with pro vitamin b5 and vitamin E(i think)


tues, thurs + sat = work out at gym

Cleanse face with hydrating wipe,,,apply zindaclin gel to face...


Top up zindaclin gel,

But do not wash face! (i feel i am overwashing)

What do you guys think of my new regimen??

Day 14

The leaflet says for the doxycycline that 'you may not notice any improvement for several weeks.

Iv finished the second week and new spots are still forming, not thousands, but about six more than id like.

For the zindaclin gel it says for significant improvement it may take a few months,,so im gonna b waiting a long time.

Iv decided the only way i can tell if its working is by assesing my face at the months mark...in two weeks time.

So wot state am i currently in? Well my forehead has two new bumps on the right side...but apart from a few dying ones, just red marks, therefore its ok, i guess.

My chin feels like there is a cyst coming on...but im not sure,,ill let u no 2moro

My cheeks are slightly better,,,however my lower left cheek/chin area seems to be breaking out...small and scattered but still anoyin!

ANY feedbak would be cool


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why is it when it is starting to improve u get a new breakout to destroy all the hard work u put in...

and it hurts

Day 15- 3 weeks 5 days to go

Well...only thing good is that forehead is not too bad (but still prity bad)

Chin still ok,,an average sized one and a few small ones...

But fecin hell...my left lower cheek and around the corner of my mouth is shit

I feel shit and look shit

And i have no gel for tonite- god damn it


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its sucks that noone is replying btw

Day 18? Not sure if thts right and 3 weeks 2days to go till photo shoot

Well i got a small pimple on my nose! I get them on my nose like one every 2 months so im annoyed

Apart from that the others are clearing around my left and lower cheek/chin. Its taking ages

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Hey Jamie,

It is too soon for you to notice any improvements yet-you're like me! I want everything to go away overnight but it doesn't work out that way. Ne way, all I can tell you is that you are the only person to really know your face. Doctors are cool and all, but they are not in your skin, if you know what I mean. If you are still breaking out, but your skin somehow feels better, well, keep going at it! I was doing bp for awhile-well, for ab 6 months-with various different medications...everyone kept telling me that I had to keep at it...that it'd work. Well, turns out, 6 months and hundreds of dollars later, I find out I'm allergic to bp! And if I had listened to my skin, well, maybe I'd be clear by now. So, I'm doing something new..I wash my face with a gentle cleanser-no acne medications- and maybe it is a slow process but my skin honestly feels so much better and here I am, two weeks into it, and I see improvement! Of course, I am doing other things like watching my diet, working out, and I take liver cleansing pills. Just have faith in yourself and believe in yourself, k? Hope this helped a little.

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Hey thanks for that viv. I know its going to take a while but its so frustrating, at the moment i feel my right cheek and it feels clear (touch wood) but when i look in the mirror thers loads of little red dots. I know its getting better but if i breakout again i dont no wot ill do. I cried the other day! God im such a wimp...

I avoided two parties today just coz of it even thou those pepl see me at skool neway and iv had it for a while. Im now going to the gym for at least an hour 3 times a week, so i hope that helps. Iv been drinking like 3 litres of water a day for the past two months and eating really well (for me), iv stopped using bp and using a normal simple cleanser...which has helped my skin immensely.

I really want to be clear by the summer so i can actually enjoy it (starts july 4th or something like that)

Sorry i cant get ne pictures at the moment, coz my fone doesnt have a camera...and i dont hav a digital, but as soon as i can ill put one up.

I guess its just gonna take time.

cant believ i got one on my nose

Thanks for replyin thou, later guys

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i was told two weeks until i have my passport photo,,,

Day 22? i hav no idea wot day it is

Okay...one huuuugeeeeeee one a my nose. Couple of small active ones on my left cheek and red marks. One or two small ones on forehead and a couple on chin.

But overall...definately improving


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Improvement is ALWAYS a big plus. Keep it up and keep your faith up.It always hard to do that but once u lose your faith, everything else is hard to keep up-so keep your chin up-this will past.

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Got a poker tournament with my mates on saturday...want my skin to look alrite for that

I dunno wot day i dont think its day 23 actually...its day 22

Well,,i would hav killed for skin like this 4 weeks ago. But its still not good. had a small breakout on left cheek,,but i hope and dont think it will last for long.

Forehead is the best part at the moment. Gone from the worst to the best, i think thats because of my haircut...my hair now no longer is on my forhead.

Iv started drinking milk again!

And im still going to the gym 3 times a week...trying to get that six pack,,,atm iv got like a 1 and a half pack.

Eating well...only had one small choco bar today and lots of fruit.

Aahh...i cant wait for the day wen i no longer have to write this and say to u guys that im clear...i just want to be clear by the first day of summer holidays...I dont even care if i have one or two pimples...


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Hey, so its been over 4 weeks now! Not sure what day...

My cheeks are better,,,have had breakouts but a lot less red marks now

My forehead was great until today! 3 new small ones and one on the top of my nose/forehead

Chin has bot four active fairly small ones...

Still on 50mg of doxycycline a day and two applications of zindaclin

mite buy a glycolic acid peel...does ne1 hav ne advice on these?

Althou i thought fast food doesnt hav an effect on acne iv decided to stop it as i cant risk it. And iv had fast food for the last three days...

I have to be clear for afta my exams on June 10th

Bring it on

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Zindaclin gel contains the active ingredient clindamycin phosphate and zinc...(also 20 percent ethanol)

So i hav 2 weeks off to study for my exams...got 550 lines of latin to learn...yes i do latin...hav a laugh

In these 2 weeks im gonna try not wear the little make up i do(yes im a bloke - hav a laugh)

The current situation is basically red marks and several active, but not too many.

Thers not much i can do except wait

Im thinkin of a glycolic acid peel.,,ne advice??

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Around 5 weeks...

Still on 50mg doxycycline and zindaclin gel

I did a glycolic acid peel yesterday...feckin hell it hurt

Seemed to reduce red marks,,,but they look just as bad today

I gather its just gonna take a few months for the marks to fade...and it doesnt help that every so often a new zit pops up

Well with a bit of make up it looks okay...im going clubbin in four days as a break from my revision so im hoping it will be alrite.

Hoping to meet some nice ladies...but not with shite skin.

My mum is pushing for a passport photo...i dunno wot to say

Neway...roll on the time wen i hav no red marks!

Mite ask for my dosage to be increased...

Shite my first exam is in like a week and a half...bollocks! I need to do some work


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7 or so weeks...

so it is now june and i wanted to be clear by now. I just looked in the mirror and its not too bad. The usual red marks hav faded considerably. There are a few active pimples dying on my cheeks and chin. My forehead is clear. In sunlight it still looks bad.

Overall i am happy with the way this has gone. My dosage has increased to 100mg a day now.

I hav to get my passport done soon and my provisional driving licence so in about a week I have to hav a photo...plz i wanna be clear

got my first exam on mon...


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