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My simple regimen

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Hi everyone!

Like you, I've had acne and am sick of it. I tried Proactiv with good results, but it was too expensive to keep using. I tried Dan's regimen as well, which did work, but after 5 months it stopped working for some reason (I think it was because I wasn't adding enough BP). So when everything seemed to stop working for me, I started to do some of my own research and trial and error, and have come up with something that works for me.

I used to use 5% BP during the day, and occasionally I still do, but it took too much time in the morning for me. Also, I found that it bleached my clothes way too much.

I used 5% BP instead of 2.5% because I didn't like the texture of the 2.5% BP's I've tried. Currently I am using Clean&Clear Persagel-5-- it's not too pricey (~$5 at Wal-mart) and it smoothes on nicely without too much fuss.

This is my regimen:


- Aveeno Moisturizing Bar: $4/bar

- Olay complete (sensitive skin): $10/4 Oz.


- Aveeno moisturizing bar

- Neutrogena Multi-vitamin treatment: $9.99/77 mL

- Clean&Clear 5% BP: $5/28g

- Olay complete (if skin is feeling a little dry)

Aveeno Moisturizing Bar: I bought this about 3 weeks ago, because my skin was getting dried out from my other cleanser (Kiss My Face Olive oil soap) and was just not feeling good. I read that oatmeal is a natural gentle cleanser and moisturizer, so I bought the version meant for dry skin. It doesn't clog pores, and actually helps exfoliate a little bit, making skin smoother. It does smell like oatmeal, but I like it.

Olay Complete (Sensitive skin): I bought this 3 days ago. Before I was using Kiss My Face oil-free 5% AHA lotion and Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF30 but I found it just took too long in the morning. Also, I had some doubts about the Neutrogena Sunscreen being very effective (I went biking the other day, and my face felt burned after). I also noticed that the Neutrogena sunscreen was drying out my face! So, that just wouldn't do. The Olay complete is nice because it's oil-free, and has a built in SPF15. It uses 3% Zinc Oxide (which is sheer so it doesn't show up on your skin) and 6% Octinoxate to protect skin from the damaging UV rays. Everyone using BP MUST use a sunscreen! Plus, you should be using one anyway. The Olay complete is also nicely moisturizing and not heavy at all.

Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin treatment: I like this to "nourish" my skin at night, since it has vitamins and fruit extracts in it. It also has salicylic acid and glycolic acid in it which help fade hyperpigmentation marks. I use this as my nighttime treatment lotion underneath the BP.

Clean&Clear Persagel-5 BP: I like this BP more than any other brand I've tried. Yes, it's 5%... but it's gentle. I use it primarily at night, just as my own preference. But I do use a lot of it; I squirt out a thick, big blob of it-- probably the length of one finger and spread that amount on my chin, cheeks and nose. Then I use a half-finger amount for my forehead. I like putting this on top of the Neutrogena stuff because it spreads easier this way, and doesn't make my face feel dry this way. If my skin does feel really tight after this (i.e. in winter) I would add a bit more Olay complete lotion on top and gentle pat it into the skin to absorb, rather than rub it in.

Even though the Olay complete has a SPF, it's actually good to use at night too because of the Zinc Oxide; they use Zinc Oxide in baby diaper rash creams to sooth inflammation and irritations. So, Zinc Oxide on acne prone skin helps to calm it down.

I rarely get acne anymore, and when I do, I add BP during the day, and it helps speed up the healing process.

I hope this helps someone, and if you've got any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

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