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Quick question about milk...

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There are a wide variety of Dairy/Milk Substitutes. Soy Contains phytoestrogens and lectins/glycoproteins that can irritate certain people. It is among the TOP allergens and so you will have to decide whether to consume this in large quantities or not. If you are a male, it may not be so bad, except, I remember some study that actually said excess soy for men is a bad thing for their brains. So....it's up to you.

In the mean time, you can consume Coconut Milk, Whole Grain Milk, Rice Milk, Almond Milk, and Potato Milk ;-)


LOL, I'm sorry if that was confusing. The terms are Insulin Resistant and Insulin Sensitivity.

Insulin Resistant = less sensitivity, lower tolerance, to Insulin or glucose absorption.

Insulin Sensitivity = the LEVEL of sensitivity one has concerning Glucose and Insulin utilization.

The MORE sensitive your cells are to Insulin, the LESS Resistant you will be. It sounds confusing which is why I generally only mention Insulin Resistant. However, purely for examples sake, Whole Grain will reduce your Insulin Resistance by 30%, Gluten-Free by 75%, and No-Grain by 100%. Therefore, the more of certain carbohydrates you reduce/eliminate the BETTER your sensitivity will become.

Now for your other question, we all have varying degrees of Sensitivity. This of course, explains why we all have different types of acne and other hormonal problems as a result of our diet and/or environmental influences (hard water, skin care, etc). Thus, we can begin to understand WHY certain people only have to eliminate ONE food Item, while others have to eliminate several....

A Whole Foods diet in general is perferred over a refined/processed diet. This alone has cleared some people.

For others, just switching to WHOLE GRAINS will be enough to control their Insulin/Hormone Levels.

Where as others, like myself, had to Eliminate a good amount of grains, by switching to a GLUTEN-FREE Grain diet. This eliminates ALL types of WHEAT (has many names), Barley and Rye grains (and Oats). This diet allows for Corn, Rice, and several other more nutritious grains though.

Then there are those that follow Paleolithic Type of Diet and avoid ALL GRAINS. Premise being that while grains have been in existence since the Egyptians, they aren't easily digested (Celiac Disease) and thier undigested proteins (due to an enzyme defficiency - Intolerance) will cause Inflammation (Rhuematoid Arthritis, Cystic Acne) as a result. Oh and of course, they bring about their own amount of Insulin Spiking, etc.

Again, it's up to your body to decide what the MOST significant thing will be for you to eliminate. For some people elimination of Gluten played the biggest role, for others it was Dairy, and for others it was Hydrogenated Oils. In the end though, in order to get 100% clear, we all tend to eliminate the same foods.

Just think about it. When you combine all the various Wieght Loss, Hormone Balancing, IBS, Celiac, Crohns, Arthritis, Anti-Candida, Acne Diets, etc they all start to become rather redundant. For the most part, these successful diets, tend to reduce or eliminate the same foods. Surely, there MUST be a reason...

HTH =)

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Hey sweetjade1980, You seem to know a lot about food and how it relates to acne. I was wondering, how is your acne? Or are you all clear cause of your diet. If so what type of acne did you used to have? If this has worked for you then I was thinking of changing my diet also.

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Very interesting stuff, becuase ive always believed that certain (if not all) foods have an impact on your acne. Anyone who doesnt think so is not thinking clearly.

Your post is, however, pretty confusing. I think that i understand. basically eat less processed/fast foods and start eating healthy, but even foods you think are healthy (i always thought a "grain" should be healthy to you) might be bad for your acne. So, could you maybe describe the things that you eat, or foods that you know are good for this process you are talking about??

Thanks a lot..

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out of curiosity sweetjade, what if the only dairy you eat is a non-fat cottage cheese that is not treated with any artificial hormones of any kind? would that still be potentially problematic?

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That was a great post SweetJade. If it is true that the hormones we eat increase the DHT/Sebum production, don't you think that there would be a positively identified link between acne and diet?

Maybe they say there isn't a link because acne is caused by a bacteria? I think that this is the reason that the regimen should work without having to change your diet, because it is controlling the bacteria. However, if there really is a positive link, it obviously it can't hurt to reduce the elements that the bacteria feed on.

It would seem that with such readily available information that professionals should be changing their tune on the "no diet link" mantra?

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Nope, I'm not a nutritonist and I certainly don't EAT like a Nutritionist ;-) Although, my dietary habits are continually changing and one day I suspect I will be eating, perhaps better than a Nutritionist!

So right now, I'm majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology and it's fascinating how these two are more linked together than one would think. Some of the things I've mentioned I learned in some of my Psychology classes BEFORE I did in my Biology classes ;-) If I could do it all over again, I would have chosen Health Sciences or Naturopathic Medicine instead maybe. Then again, I can get my my Masters in Nutrition or Clinical Nutrition and go from there. I think they both offer something NEW to the mix and I doubt I would have been able to piece together certain aspects of diet & acne had it not been for my Biology (and even Chemistry) classes.


No soy doesn't have lactose so in that sense you are SAFE. You can even make sure you are getting a brand that doesn't have too much sugar. However SOY is highly allergenic (not as much as Dairy is) and it does contain IGF-1 (just discovered this today). Of course, this is the MAIN reason more acne sufferers may want to limit/avoid dairy consumption.

http://www.rense.com/general40/asdai.htm (this mentions other negatives such as zinc defiency, etc)

http://www.notmilk.com/prostate.html (NEVER thought I'd put up a "not milk" link...lol)

I'm not certain how many plants have IGF-1, but I know that some people have mentioned having an increase in their acne when they consumed lots of soy. Of course, what does "lots" really mean? I think that for the "average" person that right there is THE problem. We tend to OVERCONSUME certain foods that greatly affect our hormone levels.

Now, whether it be Plant, Animal, or Human IGF-1, some argue it is all the same. Whether the consumption of certain foods ADD IGF-1 or just INCREASE the Production of IGF-1 in our Liver & Muscles, there's no doubt that...there are HIGHER levels of IGF-1 in the body after consuming certain foods. So if you find this to be problematic for you, then you may want to choose a different type of "milk".

Take care

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He he, if you want to consume dairy I suggest you consume Organic Dairy over regular most definately. You still face the same problems, but there will be Less of it and there's also "good bacteria" involved so it may help in some ways.

There's two proteins we are trying to balance here: Insulin and IGF-1. It turns out that IGF-1, Insulin-like Growth Factor #1, is apparently 30x more POTENT than Insulin! Wow, that would explain why I find more hormonal connections to IGF-1 than I do for Insulin. Then again, when we are Insulin Resistant, our bodies produce MORE IGF-1. Not to mention, it helps us understand a little more as to WHY they discovered Accutane (a cancer drug) also "eliminated" acne (only during treatment).

That's definately "food for thought" ;-)


I love your inquisitive nature and the Short and Simple answer is because they tend to Lump "FOOD" and "Junk Food" into only 2 catagories, instead of FURTHER differentiating them. It's odd because in every medical treatment protocol the bare minimum of "watch your sweets and fat intake" is always listed...but who follows that? What's even more odd, is that they did bother to differentiate between the Foods that cause people to become overweight. Then again, they really didn't put much scientific backing behind that one either....and sorta messed that up too =/

If you want further details on the whole sebum vs. bacteria vs hormones thing, then you might find this thread more helpful. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=15339 If not, keep asking questions, it's the only way we ALL will learn. ;-)

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I am currently 99% clear and use NO Medications and Supplements. I am currently in the middle of my Breakout Cycle and if I wasn't on Birth Control, Spiro and or Avandia right now......BAD BAD TIME for me. So, that's how I KNEW my diet was better than anything I've ever tried...it Eliminated my breakout cycle. What I mean by that is, when I would use topicals or internal anti-androgens, I would still breakout during this time period and WORSE than the other 3 months of the year (when my skin is usually at it's best).

I've had some form of acne since I was 6, didn't really start to breakout until I was 10 and then Body Acne at age 11 and it just continued. I can breakout practically anywhere you can imagine =( I couldn't wear the kind of clothes most "normal" people & women take for granted. The thought of just getting older and with this problem NEVER completely going away was very upsetting at times. That's why I consider my acne to be severe. I've seen pictures of people with acne worse than mine....but I don't know how bad mine would have been, had I not began seeing a dermatologist and doctors almost immediately ;-} I get pimples, cysts, whiteheads, very rarely blackheads. I produced lots of oil and had much larger pores than I do now. Not to mention, as a woman, I got a few other hormonal indicatiors that something wasn't entirely right.

I'm 23 now and the most damaging part wasn't so much the acne as it was the length of time it took to heal and the marks it left behind. That's why after you've cheated a few times on your diet you'll realize it's not worth it, especially if you tend to get marks. I always dreded acne more so because I knew that it would more than likely leave a mark and those marks lasted MONTHS after the acne had disappeared. Of course, by the time I was looking clear....my Breakout Cycle had started all over again. This, among other things in my life, definately managed to affect my ability to keep "fighting" for things....because I kept going in circles. it was to the point that it was affecting me in school and... well that's life, but that's why I am soooooo grateful that I finally got "a break" and I can begin focusing on all the other important things in my life. =)

So, I chose to go the long route and eliminate foods based on neccessity, but it's turning out that I'm going to end up eliminating pretty much the same foods as everyone else that's 100% clear. It's amazing how certain foods affect your skin. Definately if I'm munching on too much processed sugar stuf (lol) my pores get blackheads and they get larger and I produce more oil....that's if I'm luck. If I'm unlucky, I'll start to breakout ...in varying types of acne depending on the food. Yet, when I behave....the results are amazing. I almost look like a different person. Not this oily faced kid with tons of acne and marks covering her face. I look younger sometimes other days more mature. It's really odd and don't know how to process that, so I just chock it up to me looking "healthy" and it works.

So, that's where I'm at now. I want that 1% gone because I wonder what I look like without it (I don't wear makeup). Not to mention, I know that it's the right thing to do to further balance my body. Currently, I'm working on something that I hope will make that transition a little bit easier for me. However, if you are truly interested, my Gluten Free/Low Grain diet only got me 95% clear, so I began to pay more attention and discovered the following:

Peanuts & Cashews - cysts, mainly in forehead eyebrow region

Bananas & Cherries - cysts

Sodas - cysts

Candy, Chocolate candy - tiny sugar pimples (whiteheads?) mainly on neck, and progresses further depending on the amount.

Cereals w/Organic Milk (refined GF or GF) - Sugar Pimples and tiny cysts in and around my earlobes.

So does the above sound like something you could follow? =)


Yup that is exactly what I was trying to get across. See, you should do all my translations. ;-) As for your other question, I'm working on that....

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thanks sweetjade1980, I just started the sugar free/low wheat diet. I'm hoping that ill see some results from this. I'll see what happens.

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obsessed-- yeah, I had the same realization after a while- sucks don't it? I'm strictly sugar-free so I just have to steer completely away from dairy substitute type stuff...unsweetened soy milk obviously doesn't have sugar but imo it tastes yucky.

Really, try a diet that's basically just water, plain meat and veggies(No tubers or nightshades) for 2 weeks and see how it goes. Sweetjade's posts have helped me a lot, and though i do really miss sugar and carbs sometimes, I'm happier with clear skin, obviously!

And I advise against sugar substitutes- they keep the need for sweet in your system (which does mostly go away). plus in my experience my skin reacts the exact same to splenda as it does to sugar- in fact I got my first cysts after switching to splenda and eating it daily.

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I have been reading in a lot of posts that state that milk affects acne enough to notice a difference. Well, in the mornings I eat my bowl of cereal (with milk) and I usually drink a glass of milk along with that. And I was just wondering is this would greatly affect my acne or if it is one of those \"everybody reacts differently to it\" things. Also I have read about people avoiding cereal in their diets... does cereal affect acne too?!?Thanks!  smile.gif Suggestions, if any.  :wink:
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I have a question for you, I am cutting the milk and wanted to know what I could eat to maintain a good intestinal flora. We all know the benefits of yogurt and fermented milk for the intestinal transit. Do you have any suggestion?

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except why not go all the way and eliminate the whole grain toast? Brown rice and corn are generally OK for most, but it would be silly to go through all that and have a few pieces of bread mess up your progress...you can buy brown rice pasta; as for the bread and bagels, just avoid them for a few weeks and see how it goes. The important thing is to do it all the way, because just limiting isn't enough for most people.

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WOW, glad to see you all taking more charge of your health and hopefully your acne. Dairy seems to be something that people have to give up and that is something that I've naturally given up 80% of and am working on ways to give it up 100%. Dairy products, including yogurt, have the HIGHEST amounts of Calcium, so definately have to find this in other food sources. Or you can take a Liquid, powder, liquigel, or capsule form of Calcium for best absorption.

As for your other question, to improve intestinal flora you can eat Organic & Low sugar Yogurt...if you can tolerate this. You can also eat Kefir http://www.kefir.net/ This is less mucous forming that milk and yogurt and is more nutritious. You can make this yourself or buy it from the store. It does seem like that the people on anti-candida diets prefer to grow this themselves. Then again, you can also culture your own yogurt and you'll know exactly what's in it ;-)

You can also take Probiotic supplements. These help in aiding your digestive system and replenish an already "friendly bacteria" depleted system due to antibiotics (doctors recommend taking at least yogurt while on antibiotics). Good choices are Natren and PB 8, etc. You can get these in Cold Form or Room Temp. form. You can buy Liquids, Powders, or Capsules, or Chewables. I used to have a whole thread up on this, but it wasn't my wonder cure for acne (did help ease my menstrual cramps). However, if you are one that is prone to heavy candida infections, you may find that it is yours. =)

Hope you all are having fun!

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thanks! I have stopped using BP and SA on my face, I haven't been drinking milk, eat yogurt and cheeze since 5 days, my face seems to be slowly getting better but it is too early to tell. I am not eating sugar anymore, in deserts, chocolate and such. I eat fruits for deserts, wow, it's such a radical change smile.gif, hopefully for the best!

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Anyone who's torturing themselves with this strict diet stuff who hasn't taken accutane should take it.

I did accutane, had not side effects and now with the aid of some BP at night I can eat whatever I want and not break out. As I write this I am scoffing chocolate biggrin.gif

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Yeah.....except that accutane is not a PERMANENT solution =P

Perhaps it permanently affects the sebaceous glands for some, but for the most part, your acne comes back (unless it was spurned on by puberty).

How else would you explain people needing 2 - 5 more treatments?

How else would you explain why they are now coming up with "accutane maintence doses"?

It helps and it does the job, but only while you take it. If you don't believe me, visit Roche's website, they don't claim it to be a permanent anti-androgenic solution, unless you continue taking it.

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