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THX's Accutane Journal

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I've suffered from acne for the better part of my adolescence and I have attempted the various generic treatments: Over the counter SA, BP; Minocycline 50mg, 100mg, Steivamycin etc. The only treatment that had any positive effect was Minocycline, however I believe I became resistant to it as the progress faded after 6-8 months of beginning treatment. Thursday, for the first time I went to see a Dermatologist [i was on the waiting list since december 2004] and he prescribed me 40mg of Accutane a day for 6 months. I am quite happy with this, as I was hoping for Accutane. My GP did not prescribed it to me, as he claimed it should only be given by a specialist.

I intend to contribute to this journal every now and then, somewhat for my own benefit as well as others.. if anything pertinent may be claimed from it.

DAY 3:

I am sick today with a bad sore throat, I doubt this is because of Accutane. However, could it be due to the fact that I have been on antibiotics for the past year?

At this point, I have no side effects and my acne, if anything, is less than it was thursday. Though, this is likely not due to Accutane. For an odd reason, since late march my acne has been diminishing. From 40 pimples to 15 or so. From large amounts of cystic acne, to almost none. I'm hoping that I've timed this correctly and that the Accutane treatment will not be as annoying due to my lesser acne.

Oh well, I will update this in a few days.

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Day 5:

I'm still stick, though not nearly as bad as Saturday.

- Face is a little dry and my skin is shedding

- Nose is slightly dry

- Skin is much less oily

- I have some new acne, however it appeared to have dryed up relatively fast.

So far, very minor physical changes.

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My skin is... horrible. I'm starting to regret taking acutane. Here is what's different:

- Horrible FLUSHED skin [ie. tomato red]

- About 300% more acne, including one cyst

- Dry dry dry nose

I'm supposing this is my initial breakout, ... how long is this suppose to last? Will it fade quickly? And what's up with my blood red skin?

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DAY 10

My skin is bad, but not as bad as a few days ago.

- Skin is Dry

- I have quite a bit of new acne, but it appears to dry up within a day

- I have a few cysts, however they become whiteheads within 2-3 days

- I have a lot of acne near my chin and mouth, forehead and cheeks are decent but not great.

In total, I have roughly 25-30 pimples.

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DAY 17

My skin is much better, it appears the worst is in the past. Much of the initial breakout is now gone, although my skin is shedding. The area near my mouth is mostly dead/dry skin.

- Pimples: 7-8

- Skin: Dry, sort-of red but not flushed

- Slight nose bleeds [dry blood]

Hopefully my skin will continue to improve wink.gif

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DAY 23

Good news, I am clearing up very nicely. Before treatment, my acne was moderate - severe; during the initial outbreak it was severe+ and now I find myself with no acne on my forehead, left and right cheeks. The only are I continue to have a few pimples is my chin and back. Not including my back, I have 4-5 pimples (I can safely say it is the first time in years where I have such minimal acne).

Also, my red marks are nearly all gone. I believe it is because my skin flaked so much.


- Very mild acne

- Skin is ultra smooth [first time in my life where I have little difficulty shaving]

- Flaky skin

- Dry Lips

Side effects that no longer exist:

- No more nose bleeds

- Skin is flaky but not does not actually feel dry anymore

I hope my skin continues to improve smile.gif

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DAY 27

Face is essentially completely clear except for one dried up pimple on my chin. Back is still pretty bad though.

However, I now consider accutane the miracle drug smile.gif. My side effects, beyond the first two weeks, have been VERY mild.

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Fastforward to December 3rd: I finished my treatment in mid-november, although I had been without acne since about July/August. However, I still have redmarks as they have been healing very slowly.

I had virtually no side-effects, except initial dry skin (ended after 1/2 months), periodic nose bleeds and chapped lips.

Accutane worked :)

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