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Yeah...I bought some dettol but that is soooo fragranced its ridiculous...

Plus it was drying to hands so i aint putting it on my face/

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Update: I have been using the Provon cleanser now for 5 days. I was a little hesitant at first because the bottle clearly says HAND cleaner, but I must say this seems to be working well for me. I felt a pimple starting to surface on my chin, and it completely went away after I used the Provon once.

I have skin that is on the dry-side though, so I'm unable to use it twice a day like some of the others on this board. Once a day is enough and I have to put on moisturizer immediately following. I also started heating up water on the stove and steaming my face to open pores for at least 5 minutes before washing. My face feels cleaner than with any other product.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Is it the same thing if i just go to a pharmace and ask for an antibacterial cleanser??

Or does it have to have the PCMX in it to be effective?

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update guys?? how has it been working for those who have used it??

i got dettol antibacterial handwash, it has the same ingredient in it, the cholroxenol. Its a bit harsh and didnt notice much difference after a 2 days.

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woo i just found this thread while i was bored at work!

it sounds amazing!!!

im just wondering if anyone more recently has tried any of the things that were used!

its so hard to know what will help and what wont!

this soap does sound good though! i currently use a organic cleanser for normal/ combination skin. it doesnt do anything to help my acne tho!

i do like the sound of this! just need to find it in UK!

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Wow, Okay. I don't usually order things online but after reading that whole thread I'm really considering it... I JUUUST Started Yasmin Birth Control And Retinol-A Two Weeks Ago Though. But After reading Many Reviews, This Looks A Lot Better :S No initial breakout and it seems to work on almost everyone! Just debating on Provon or Aloewhatsitcalled. I Had Mild-Severe Acne On My Face, Back, A Tiny Bit On My Chest And legs. What do you guys think? I have very oily and very dry skin too. yeah, weird right? It's the worst, ahaha. I think I'm probably gonna use it as a spot treatment because some people said it make scars more noticable and I have a lotttt of scars. I'll try it on my back first since I still want to give retinol-A a shot. And I'm gonna stay on Yasmin Even though this 'initial breakout' suuucks.

Thanks To Everyone Who Posted On This! It's Awsomee.

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Unfortunately they do not sell provon medicated lotion soap with pcmx in the UK as I checked with the manufacturer. I am still looking for a safe face wash with pcmx in the UK. I am using bha lotion already and that is working well but I am going to change my glycolic face wash to something with pcmx.

If you know of any site that sells provon and provides international shipping, please list them. Thanks alot.

For those looking to order Provon internationally here's where I ordered from. Please be aware that these are being sold at large quantities per volume (ml).

Go to imed.com to order either:

Provon Medicated Lotion Soap - Anti Microbial 4oz Squeeze Btl Aloe& Vit Abce, 12 Units / 4 oz


Gojo Nxt Medicated Lotion Soap - With Chloroxylenol 1000ml, 1 ea


Thanks for your personal input and information about this product. After reading up on your experience and success with Provon, I decided to order from imed.com last night. I ordered a large amount due to the size(s) the site sells. But that's okay, I need to use it on my back and shoulders as well as my face anyways.

I also compared the product name/formula from the gojo website and couldn't be absolutely sure if which imed product was "medicated" rather than antibacterial, so I purchased both just in case. If the one is just antibacterial, I can use that for daily hand washing in the bathroom and kitchen, etc.

I too have tried several prescription medications that helped a little but caused inflammation and irritation due to the harshness of the ingredients. I am looking forward to a soothing alternative to help keep my acne breakouts at bay.

thanks again!


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I came across this old thread when I was doing research on "chloroxylenol". It seems to be the hype back in 2005-2006.

Anyway, I have recently bought the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam, which contains, as its last ingredient on the list, chloroxylenol. It also contains salicylic acid.

I'll post back on my results later.

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