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Question about Acne type and treatment.

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I was always told I had good skin (I started out as a blonde, but my hair turn tan/brown over the years, I think its a myth blonde hair = good skin?). For the most part, this was true. When I started puberty I didn't have a problem with acne.

Age 14 or so was when I saw my first 'breakouts', but they were minor, always went away soon after appearing. When I turned 15/16 I started getting breakouts that wouldn't go away. I'm almost 19 now, and I still suffer from moderate acne. At one point I had an rX for some anti-bacterial gel. Needless to say, it didn't work. When I was 15 I started smoking (marijuana, never tobaco) and I continue to smoke to this day. I am a little over weight, but dropping lbs (by way of atkins). Right now I am using the Proactiv system, and it is working for the most part, except that I work around heat all day and going to work with this stuff on just burns me over and over. My hours also aren't set, I change between normal shifts and graveyard shifts, so that really throws off my treatment schedule. Okay, I think that's enough background info on my acne.

Here come the questions.

I have minor to moderate acne (depending on how bad the breakout is) but never clear periods. I get whiteheads (or poplars(sp)? probably both) but I don't have many blackheads (mainly on my forehead). One thing that happened recently was I had a zit in my pubic region (about 2 inches above the penis, half an inch under my belt, rough est.). This thing was a whopper too, I was too embarassed to hang out with my crowd for weeks, because dropping my pants was not an option. It was definately more than 5mm across. The pimple grew and grew, it was painful, and eventually it snagged on my zipper and let out a flood. I had never seen so much puss, and frankly it made me sick (physically). Can I expect these kinds of zits anywhere else? I haven't seen something this bad ever, and I have never had a zit in that region (believe me I check). I shaved 'most' of the area, since I believe acne happens around hair folicles?

Can I apply bp in this area without fear? Nothing has come back, but there is still the lingering large purplish red bump.

Also, should I expect results from Proactiv when my face is concerned? The acne concentrated in the 'beard' area on my face. I use the 1st step of the system in the shower, but as for the green crap, I use generous amounts, let it dry, then apply generous amounts of the lotion and rub it in until it is dry. I also don't know when exactly to use the sulphur mask. Should I use it after I finish the routine 2-3 times a week, or before, or inbetween some of the steps?

More info:

Perscription meds aren't a probablity anymore, I don't have health insurance and won't be able to apply for benefits with my company until later in the year.

Quitting marijuana isn't a probability. Partly due to mental addiction, but also due to medical use (both on my part, and as a source for my mother, an MS patient) as well as recreation.

I would be willing to take pictures of the remainder of the pimple in my pubic region, but it seems a bit graphic. I am not so much worried about the acne on my face, as proactiv has been helping gradually.

Thank you for bearing with me through this long and confusing, poorly arranged post (not to mention graphic).

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ummm yes well

as for the pimple in the pubic region it might not be pimple. It could have just been a cyst (not the acne kind), a bite, an ingrown hair (did you find a hair amongst all that pus), or an infection/inflamation from a bite or scratch. If you don't get anymore I wouldn't worry about it maybe apply a little tee tree oil (20% not 100%) and aloe vera on it to help it heal then just forget about it

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