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Well I was doing great for a good few weeks. Going out with friends meeting new people. One guy I met even likes me alot since the first day he met me. I even stayed in town with friends. I never stay at anyones houses over night because I feel to ugly. Even washed my face and woke up with no makeup without having a heart attack...and funny thing is no one seemed to notice anything wrong with my face at all. I've been pretty clear for the past month and getting my life back, but now it's decided to break out again cry.gif so I've been hiding out. I hate this, when did my face start deciding what I can and can't do? I don't even understand why I'm breakign out I've been in mino for around 6 months and am taking diane 35, plus using every other percausion possible..ugghh... bad skin sucks

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I TOTALLY am feeling you. I started breaking out, like, 6 months ago. Before, i got the occasional zit-nothing to notice. Boy, I wish I would've been appreciative of it then. Ne way, so six months ago, I started breaking out a little more than normal-I figured I should do something. So far, the more things I've tried, the worse it has gotten and now it is horrible! I dont know if I've messed my face up for life or what. It is weird considering I did not hardly break out before. The breakouts are still coming and they are humongous!

Ne way, the point I was trying to make it is that I've been hiding out from everyone as well and I am now running out of excuses. I am suppose to go outta town with some of my friends from hs in a couple of weeks and I dont know what to do bc my face is incredibly horrible. I guess just hang in there, chick. You're not alone!

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