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Yes! I also avoid eye contact and try not to talk to people. Sometimes if I see someone I know I hide so they won't approach me. I think I have less on my right side so I show that...I also cancel invitations unless they are in dark, night places. It's good to know that i'm not alone, even though I wouldn't wish skin problems on anyone.

Does anyone do what I do: a few times I have been in a dark coffee shop, pub, whatever, and a hot guy friend of a friend or something will comment to my friend afterward: "Is she single?" or "She's pretty," etc. but of course that could never be true. Of course, it's the darkness and two inches of makeup fooling him into thinking I have nice skin. I can never bring myself to accept the invitations because I can't bear the idea of being rejected once they see the real me.

One more vent: looking around and seeing almost everyone has perfect skin, or a lot less scarring than I do. I'm 27 now so I don't break out much anymore, but the red marks and scars are disgusting. I watch my friends or my sister putting on a light coat of makeup over their blemish free skin and I want to scream. What would it be like not to agonize in the mirror over every spot, cover it and still feel ugly? I don't think I'll ever know.

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hi sydney. I know how what your talking about. In my case I don't even look at people and I'm very cognizant about lights and all that stuff. True scars do suck. I consider myself a good looking guy but with the scars i'm "downgraded" to untouchable status. It's funny, i'll get looks from girls 15 feet away but that's because they can't see my scars. I'll pass a girl and she'll be looking at me with a smile all the way up to the point she can see my scars then she will look a way. What do I do now? I don't even look back,no eye contact, no nothing.I'll walk through a door and see a girl with that glad to see you look and I just turn away immediately with a blank look on my face. I really don't want to waste my time or give myself false hopes.

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