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Guest jollajolla

First thing you would do if the acne disappeared

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i'd hop in my car. check myself out in the mirror in full on sunlight....give a half assed wave to my neighbors and kids on bicycles, throw out money...go straight to disneyland, then go on all of the rides and buy all of the pictures of me on the rides. then i'd get a mickey mouse popsicle, with the ice cream and chocolate on the outside (i'm trembling with excitement over here) and then i'd get my picture taken with pocahontas and try to slip hercules my number. it would be so. freaking. awesome.

ta da!

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Uhhh we currently dont go out...We started going out 8th grade and been on and off since...And during a off span i ran into this acne problem that im dealing with now...Bout acouple of months ago we started talking again and all that...Sooo when she wanted me to come over or what not i would always make a excuse up...She knew somtin was up because i always use to be out around outside n stuff...Finally i fessed up my what my problem was...She's very supportive and says she dont care and i know all that...But im a weirdo with this acne shit, i see her here and there but i only go out when its dark and still kinda hide my face:mad: Soooo yeaa she's my girl but we dont go out...blaaahhh...Daaaammnniitt...Ugghhh I loove her to deaath 2...And this bullshit is fucccking everything up

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Guest Mankind

Go out and order some Chinese food. I love it but after my acne vecame the two times I had it was the only time I ever got cysts in my life so it must have been something in the food that caused it. Or it was just a major coincidence.

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