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i know many girls mention cycles due to their "time of the month" but i think i notice a pattern in my acne as well, and im a guy. the main thing that proved it to me wasnt on my face because sometiems i wash my face late or something. But i have very slight acne on my back and chest, like small white bumps and a few big ones pop up durring the "break out" part of my acne cycle and it cycles along with my face even though i dont apply medication to my back ever because its not too bad. IF your lost sorry and hang in there ill tell you what i noticed:\

On my face (and back i guess):

I have semi clear skin..... small white bumps maybe a big one will pop up

then the next week it gets worse untill i have a breakout and my face is a mess for a week

then it slowly heals slight red marks form and heal

then i have a rediculously clear week where its like i olmost have no acne just some remaining red marks. and then the cycle starts again

it seems to have nothing to do with the amount of bp i use although bp seems to have shortened the break out cycle and made it less severe.

any ideas on why this is happinging, if it is normal or if im just crazy lol

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Is there anything that you do that may flare up the acne and start your cycle again? Pay closer attention to the things that you do, and eat see if there isn't a correlation to what you do and when you flare up.

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Consider taking a simple shower following exercise. This will help to wash away excess oils and allow the skin to breathe immediately following your physical exertion thereby reducing the incidence of body acne. Also try to sleep at least 8 hours per day , and change your sheets and pillowcases everyday. Frequent changes of your sheets and pillowcases will prevent acne flares caused by an accumulation of skin and hair products, dirt, dust, oils and bacteria on the sheets and pillowcase fabric.

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