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I had Acne for over 20 years and I've done extensive research in the past two years. I found out that my Acne was caused by internal problem which I will explain.

When there is internal problem the earth reponds with irruptions. The human body is the same way. The colon/intestines is the cause for Acne. The food we eat is digested and the rest is waste. Immagine the colon/intestines as sewage system. If it gets clogged, then toilets get flooded. Foods we eat today have dyes, colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils/fats, chemicals, refined ingredients such as bleached flour...etc. The liver has to strain and can not keep up. The liver is our body filter. When the colon/intestines and liver are all in bad shape, and the body is full of waste that is improperly disposed and it is sticky in the colon and rotten, the skin (the largest organ in our body) jumps to rescue. The waste is disposed through the skin, causing Acne.

After trying so many things, I found out that taking Cascara Sagrada (natural laxative herb) and two vitamin E softgels will help your body rid its waste. You can buy Cascara Sagrada from any nutrition store.

You can use freshly squeezed Lemon or Lime juice as a topical solution. Apply it full strenght to affected areas. Let dry for one hour and then wash with warm water. this will help you get rid of Acne but not a substitute for cleansing your Colon/Intestines. When washing, do not use bar soap as it will clog your skin pores and worsen your Acne. Use liquid soap that has no moisturizers.

If you try it please keep me updated with any progress. Please email if any one has questions.


[email protected]

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sounds nice, but i have my doubts if a bad digestion is the cause of every form of acne, i personely dont think so.

So youre telling in an indirect way that its also not prudent to drink alcohol because excessive use of alcohol causes liverdamage?

I drink quite a lot of alcohol in a week, maybe i will stop for a month or so and look what the effect is.

And then there's is of course THE question:

Why doesnt have a friend of my, which is a barkeeper and drinks a lot more then me, not have acne.....?


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you know i actually thought alot about this post. not that it's the first time this has been presented to my attention. in my family on my fathers side we have what is known as the (insert last name here) curse. the family name curse is a disorder of a digestive or gastric nature perhaps. we're just a gassy bunch. i wondered if my digestion was the cause of some of my problems with my skin but am thinking even as i type that it may be partly that and just an overall toxicity within due to my lifestyle. urban on the go diet, high stress, urgency in everything.....and i thought about those with the clear skin who had similarities with my lifestyle or why at puberty we break out and how it should clear once puberty is over etc....then i thought about all the factors one needs in order to have the acne condition. and how different medications target each individual acne component. i.e. benzoyl peroxide=kills acne bacteria, birth control pills=regulate hormone production, accutane=regulates sebum production and works on a gladular level, antibiotics=again killing bacteria but from within, differin and other topicals working on a surface level ranging from normalizing follicle activity or shedding of cells. so the people not getting acne simply do not have all the components needed to make up the condition. they have acne bacteria we all do but they may shed properly or have great hormone production etc... so there is no one sided way to attack the problem. even cleansing your intestines and getting regular works at some level but not entirely. it does nothign for stress hormones or sluggish cell turnover. i guess that would explain why my brother has no acne or dad who i have to blame for the family name curse or gassiness ..whew!

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Cascara Sagrada is a natural STIMULATE laxitive. that means it forces your bowels to move. over time this can destory your intestines. you may also become dependent. so you'll have to take it in order to use the bathroom. it's only meant to be used for a short time. i suggest you just take fiber. oat bran is a great source. it doesn't cause the bloating and gasiness like most forms do. and if you insist on taking the Cascara Sagrada...you'd better get a Probiotic/Prebiotic supplement. otherwise that laxitive is gonna wipe out all your bacteria and that's not a good thing. just be careful.

hey diana, sorry to hear about the gas. i know the pain. we have it in our family to. try sipping apple cider vinegar when you eat. maybe that will help. it tastes like crap but i'm sure it will work.

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