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accutane and alcohol

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since i started accutane, 9 weeks ago, i haven't touched a drink. and before that, with the antibiotics i was on...wow, so it's been like 3 months. i'm not drinking partly because i'm not going out and being social (and i'm not the sit and home and drink alone type) and partly because i didn't want to damage my liver any more. i'm on 80mg, but i think today my dermo is putting me up to 120. we'll see.

anyway, with passover coming up, i'm gonna be drinking. so, this is the question.

--is that really stupid?

--do you get madd hung over?

--what has everyone's experiences been like?

i'm thinking it will just be some red wine.

please let me know,


(it is so weird, cause in the past, whenever i have been on antibiotics for anything, i've always drank too...but with accutane i feel kinda different. like it is more serious...or something.)

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yeah I've drank on accutane even though it tells you not to. I hadn't been drunk in agesss so I thought what the hell

but................I felt sick and sluggish for 3 days afterwards, I dunno if it does any major damage but once in a while should be ok

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I heard you shouldn't drink while on accutane. I can't confirm this, but I've read of somebody who drank two beers while on accutane and winding up having to get his stomach pumped at the hospital.

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Just remember what drinking is...poisoning your body. Obviously, it not a severe poison, but it is nonetheless. A few drinks should not hurt. Getting drunk on occasion should not hurt. But, since Accutane is taxing your liver as it is, alcohol should be avoided as much as possible.

That said, its Passover. Celebrate and have a good time!

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I hate to admit being so cavalier with my liver while on Accutane especially as it is so at odds with my otherwise absurdly healthy lifestyle (just check the program I continue to live by, linked below), but I do live in Dublin where not drinking would be like not smoking in Paris or not wearing size 48 pants in Houston. Last Friday I went out with my girl and got so feckin paralytic wacko.gif that I actually passed out in bed while she was handcuffing me or some shit and before we even had sex, which NEVER happens. So I guess I'm gonna die. eusa_wall.gif

Strangely enough though, I wasn't the SLIGHTEST bit hungover, like AT ALL, and I've been very hungover before having drunk far less. Rather counterintuitive, no? As it was only my 3rd day of Accutane at the time, maybe my liver's initial response to the presence of the drug in my system was to temporarily step up liver function a notch or two sort of like a defense mechanism in response to the sudden introdcution of a hepatoxic foreign agent, thereby actually enhancing my liver's filtering and processing of not only the Accutane in my blood but also the Guinness (x2), Red Bull & Vodka, Smirnoff Black Ice, Mohito and Jagermeister.

Drinking on Accutane is in theory completely different from drinking on antibiotics, because Accutane is sustained if controlled vitamin A poisoning, which actually compromises at least to some degree liver function in anyone but only manifests itself in significant levels of liver function fluctuations let alone liver damage in those with more sensitive and/or weaker livers (or livers further weakened with various substances, etc.), or in those whose dosing, combined with exposure to various other substances, amounts to simply too great a toll for their liver to take. I'm obviously hardly an advocate for responsible drinking but I'd say so long as you don't operate heavy machinery while speed-dialling all your ex's and doing the Macarena with a traffic cone on your head, you should be fine with an alcohol unit or two in your blood once a week or so.

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Lol @ Antony's story biggrin.gif

I agree with what Antony said - drinking whilst on accutane should be okay - not exactly recommended, but I don't think you're likely to do yourself any serious damage as long as you're not bingeing/passing out/vommiting every night.

When I was on my course I carried on drinking pretty much as normal and it didn't seem to cause any problems. Just try to be kind to your liver in all the other aspects of your life. smile.gif

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I got drunk all the time on accutane and now I have an ulcer sad.gif .

Luckily I have insurance! And I got wise about the booze wink.gif

Sounds like you got no problem though, have fun!

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Guest Craigems

Well i have been drunk a few times, but i mean i drink a shitload of water b4 i go to bed n stuff, and flush it out of my system and hydrate myself as much as possible!

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I made a deal with myself before I even started the accutane that I would not touch any alcohol while on the tane. I will not doa nything that might reduce my chances of being prescribed the tane or making my self sick in any other way.

Personally, I think dealing with acne is enough on my plate right now. I won't deliberately put my health on the line.

But on the other hand. If all your tests up until now have been good, and it's a special occasion. Once shouldn't hurt any. Just please don't over do it.

Have fun!!

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I've cut down the drinking significantly while on accutane... but hte few times I've had a couple of beers, I seem to get super dehydrated really quickly. Even if I've spent all day pounding water (which I do, believe me, daily), I get that awful "agghhh! please give me water!" headache after only like two drinks. I don't know if that's a side effect or not, but I have noticed it.

(You'll be fine drinking on Passover, Honey. Seriously. You're so concerned about and conscious of it, you won't let yourself over do it.) wink.gif

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