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are there any procedures that can get rid of indents and red marks? if yes , what are they and how exactly do they work?

i have indents all over my face, espeically on my cheeck, forehead, and the sides of my face, and i have red marks from acne almost all over my face.


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there is a huge amount of information on red marks in the 'red marks' forum which you can link to from the main messageboard.

As far as indents go, you need to work out what type of indents you have - look at the FAQ at the top of this page for help deciding whether you have ice pick, boxcar or rolling scars.

For ice pick, you could look into the following treatments:

- skin needling


- punch excision

For boxcars:



-fillers (restylane, aquamid, isolagen etc)



For rolling scars:

- Needling

- subcision

- scalpel excision

- fillers (see above)

- smoothbeam


Please use the search tool to get info on these treatments -there's a vast amount on the board, you just have to look for it!

Hope this is helpful,


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I can't be absolutely sure, as I haven't seen a definitive answer to this myself, but think it's very unlikely that there would be enough regeneration to cause an overgrowth of collagen and leave a hypertrophic scar. People often have to do several CROSS's to see improvement, so I think it would be unlikely for one application to have that sort of effect.

I wouldn't worry about it. smile.gif

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