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how to get red of this annoying pimple

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ok-well my skin is actually pretty clear this morning eusa_dance.gif... by my standards, nowhere near perfect, but its pretty clear and I only have one active pimple (yay), which is the reason for this thread. it was one of those annoying as hell ones, under the skin, but raised the skin so much it was obvious even under make-up, I tried to use self control, but oh well, I guess I dont have much, cause I attempted to pick it, not yesterday, but the day before, since then its being quite bad, like I have been on and off picking it, cause it gets full of pure water, and sometimes yucky green stuff and I figure I need to get that stuff outta my skin, but I've all but picked the layer of skin off since I've paid nothing but constant attention to it, and now I know I need to let it heal, so I put a plaster covered in tee tree over it last night before I went to bed, now its looking a little better maybe, but I know its gonna take a few days to scab over, never mind heal, so I was just wondering, is there anything that can help with the imflimation (SP?) of it, and any creams or any gels that might help dry it out? I use so much damn stuff, so far I've used:

neutrogena visibly clear triple action lotion

clearasil rapid action treatment cream

panoxyl cream

tee tree oil

& neutrogena visibly clear rapid clear treatment with derma naturals, on it

no luck so far, it needs to dry out tho, and it needs to go down a bit

any ideas?

btw its on my lower cheek above my mouth, and I can almost feel it 'pulsing'....its not really that big, but its the only active thing on my face, the only thing I've picked in days and days, so its as notiable as hell eusa_wall.gif

any suggestions? eusa_pray.gif

edit: and I meant get rid, not red...lol eusa_hand.gif

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Guest OrangeFlower

dont pick at it!!!!!!!!!

put some ice on it to calm the inflammation

that is what ive heard most often

are you taking zinc?

you should be taking a zinc supplement to help with healing...

otherwise try to leave it alone, it could become worse with more products put on top of it

most of that stuff you listed- i haven't a clue what it is for

try to keep your skin routine as simple as possible

also, try using a mask 2-3 times a week

i use a tea tree oil mask from the body shop

that is really cool


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I know, I'm not gonna pick anymore...as for zinc..hmm well I took a supplement for healthy skin, hair and nails and I looked on the back and apparently it has 12mg's of zinc in, maybe that might help, though I gotta stop taking them soon since I go on roc. in a few days, I'll try the ice idea!! thanks! eusa_angel.gif

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Don't put a plaster on it overnight! It'll probably only make it take longer to dry out and won't let the air get to it so it can be helped a bit to dry.

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taking zinc for acne is one recommendation that my derm actually endorses. there was a study in sweden which found that zinc can be helpful for acne at a dosage of at least 100mg daily.

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