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Accutane and adult acne in women

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Hi Everyone,

I'm 22 and I've had acne since I was 15. When I first started breaking out my acne was everywhere, but my forehead and chin were always the worst. After I turned 18 it kind of just remained on my cheeks and I could control it by taking birth control pills. I recently broke out all over my face (in cysts), more like it used to be when I was a teen and the pill is no longer helping, so I am thinking that this is "adult-onset" even though I did have acne in adolescence. My sister is 26 and still has acne; she cleared up a lot in her early 20s but broke out severely again when she was 24.

SO, I've heard that Accutane "buys time" and keeps you clear for a while until you outgrow acne, but for people whose acne isn't going to go away naturally in adulthood, what are the chances of acne returning after a course of Accutane? Does it do something permanently to your skin that makes it less likely for acne to return ever again? Or I wonder if the people who are "cured" permanently would have been clear in a couple of years anyway. Any ideas on this?


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I personally do not think acne is something that you out grow, there are too many people that have battled it for too long. I think Accutane may be considered nearly a “cure� for acne for most people, however you may require more then one treatment, that is the part that worries me, I dread ever having to have acne again, I pray that my treatment I am on now works and I do not have to have acne again or go on Accutane again. Yes a few break outs here and there after the tane is ok, that is natural. I am 24 and had tried nearly everything for acne before starting Accutane this past January. I had acne for years and a little before I started the tane I began to get a break out here and there on my chest and back, it had only been on my face for so long, that was my point that even made my derm realize that I needed to be on the tane. I am pretty much clear now, first 2 months 40mg daily, 2nd month also took 250mg of Zithromax with the tane and on my 3rd month was upped to 60mg daily. I am female, 132 lbs and still have a couple more months left on the tane.

I think that if you have tried everything then you should go on the tane, it is fantastic. I know may people including my derm who have taken it and been very successful, I hope I am one of those stories too!

Good Luck! biggrin.gif

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I'm glad to hear accutane worked so well for you cassadie! smile.gif It gives me hope. I'm tired of people bashing accutane and telling me don't take it. How will they know if it will work for me or not? No one will unless I try it! I won't start it for another month or so, until I have completed my one month of bc. Its hard having patience though...arggg. My face is so bad right now and I have to go to work and face people like this!

Hanoian: good luck. Your story sounds very similar to mine, cept I'm a year older. Basically from what I have heard accutane sometimes get rid of it completely for people, and other times just puts it in submission for awhile. Either way I think its worth it to have some clear time. I am scared of the initial breakout...but right now my face is so bad I don't think I would even notice that. lol.

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Thanks for the replies:) I had my initial blood work done yesterday, so if it comes back okay, I'll be starting next week; I'm nervous but also really excited. I'm willing to take the risk to have clear skin, even if it's only temporary. Cassadie, did you have an initial break out? Is Zithromax an antibiotic? I really want to prevent the initial break out but when I asked about antibiotics during my initial consultation my derm said they usually don't prescribe them for people on Accutane. Oh well, we'll see! Girls, can you pluck your eyebrows while on Accutane? I know you can't wax, but I don't think I'd be able to survive without plucking! Thanks again:)

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