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Last week, I was having a really hard time of life.

I'd worked myself into a state of near physical collapse - 13 straight weeks of 7 days in a row, one day off, another 7 days in a row, one day off, etc etc.

Due to that, not only did my body fall down, but I came down with the worst breakout I've had in years. Plus eight cold sores, making my mouth look like a mutant! I was tired, depressed, and refused to leave the house. I was looking in the mirror and fighting off tears.

My fiance asked me to name one thing - not acne related (because I was beating myself up something horrible about acne!) - that would make my life worse.

I had to think about it.

So I said "Losing my job and having to apply for Food Stamps. Yet again."

And he said "Okay. Well, if something out there could make your life WORSE, than maybe it's not so bad NOW."

Granted, it was a pretty round-about way of saying it, but little by little, it sunk in.

So I pose it to all of you - name one thing not acne related - that could make your life worse.

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Guest OnlyJoe

Ill health, deaths in the family, loosing job/kicked out of college, loosing/theft of personal possessions. lol that just about covers it, i know you only said one sad.gif

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Something terrible happening to my kids would be my #1

Something happening to me so that I could not care for my kids #2

and that could be death to loss of my job, many things. There is a lot worse things in the world that are worse then acne, you just have to think positive. I have always hated acne because I care so much about my physical and emotional self but you have to care about everything in your life and once you do that you won't sweat the small stuff.

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These are good answers. Very, very good answers. Even the tv one! (I, too, am camera - shy!)

Sometimes thinking about what I have to lose makes me appreciate what I have today. Kind of a backwards gratitude list thing.... smile.gif

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This topic just makes me think of how I will have to come out to my little cousins when they grow up a bit more sad.gif Doesn't make my acne feel any better... (I thought of the something that could make me life worse, and that would be my cousins finding out that I was ghey...)

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