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i want my skin bak to the way it was (smooth, spot free) before i got my acne a couple of years ago....do you think my skin will clear up and look as though i have never had acne????. cross fingure i havnt got any scars from what i can see, just some scars on my right cheek from a dog bite..... but yeah if it has happened to any one or any one knows please help:)

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Guest OrangeFlower

its hard to tell without knowing what kind of acne you have, whether you picked at your skin, how much time you spent in the sun, your diet as well as a few other factors.

skin can take a looong time to heal and it seems it is different with everyone. With red marks on one side of my face it took a year and a half and there is little 'indentations' left but im pretty sure dermabrasion will take care of it...

there are many scar treatments available to get your skin soft and smooth again

take a look at the topic "celebrities with acne" . you can hardly tell these people had scars.

biggrin.gif try not to stress too much about it and find something fun to take your mind off your worries-alleviating stress is also good for your skin

take care

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Its very much possible for it to return to like when we were 5, but if you've picked at it constantly and have indented scars then its most likely its not going to return to normal without treatment. Maybe you could try cleansing your body and taking supplements for skin repair, i have heard many great stories about their skin after cleansing.

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Yes its possible, my skin is finally starting to show improvements as years of picking and squeezing have left me with pretty bad scars. Just drink lots of water, eat healthy, and take care of your skin, but you have to be very patient. Try not to use too many products and if all fails then you can try a derm for microdermabrasion or fillings into the scars.

Good luck

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