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I am looking for some kinda advice or suggestions. Well i got loads of deep ice picks, some of them are kind of linear in shape and moderate number of rolling scars. Its so bad you cant tell where the ice pick ends and the rolling beigns in some cases they are even overlapped. Anyway i have narrowed my options down to cross, excision, grafts and subcision for the rolling ones. In terms of expense and effectiveness i am not quite sure which one to pick or how to go about them.

I plan on doing crosses and then either excision or grafts, then i begin to think why not get the best results by just doing grafts. I have an appointment with Dr.R next month for subcision and cross ($900). Reading some of the posts here i thought why not do the crosses myself and get someone cheap to do the subcision here in the D.C area. But after some exploring i found that all the surgeons i contacted charge the same for subcision ($700 or above), considering this i revert back to my orignal plan with Dr.R.

One surgeon i found quoted me $850 for excision and subcision (one session). But Dr.R said since my scars are some what linear excision might not be the best option. I am not sure if i should consider grafts or excision after TCA? wacko.gif

Or should i forget all this and just stick to grafts and subcision?

Am i making any sense??

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