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I went back the doctors last Friday cause my acne came back real bad.

I was real stupid! A few weeks ago I decided to start using my retin-a lotion again. I put it on one night, and then the next decided to use apple cider vinegar, and the second I put it on, me whole face went bright red, and where I have acne, that went bright white, I looked a right state.

I quickly washed my face with cold water and applied a moisturizer.

I was left with little burns all over my face! So for the next few nights I used bil oil and it cleared them up

But I was left with horrid acne, not from the biooil but cause it was so red and stood out.

Anyways doc perscribed Lymecycline to me. One cap a day, he gave me 28 days worth and then I have to go back so he can see if there is progress.

I only started this mon, so il give it time.

Have any of you been on it? What was the results?

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Yep, Tetraysal 300, this is what I've been taking for the past 10 months or something. I had mainly mild acne and it cleared me up within about 3/4 months completely. You've probably read the whole web page, but the important thing is not to take them with (or soon before/after) food, and if you're using the pill it makes it less effective so you have to be careful. smile.gif

Oh and the cider vinegar thing didn't do much for me either, apart from make me sore, so hopefully you'll have more success with the antibiotics too!

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first post! hi guys :)

ive had mild-moderate acne for about 5 or 6 years now (im 19 btw) and used over the counter drugs but nothing worked, and those products for sensitive skin were not sensitive enough, just either made my skin really red or really dry

went to docs when i was... 18 i think and got prescribed 2 drugs which i cant remember names of, sorry that doesnt really help, one was like a roll on in a tiny container which i got told that i shouldnt put it anywhere near my nose or eyes because it may burn which slightly scared me, the other one was like a gel and even with a small amount made me look like i had a face mask on and dried my skin completely out, was horrible. didnt have any luck with them so got a little disheartened but...

went back to my docs and got prescribed dianette(the pill but better for skin) which helped a little and then got referred to a dermatologist which put me on differin gel and Lymecycline (Tetralysal 300). used the Lymecycline for a month but didnt help what so ever but carried on using the differin gel even though it made my skin really dry..

ok so to end a long story that kinda sounds like it doesnt have a gud ending, im still using dianette which kinda seems to have stopped working for my skin now, differin gel i only use every other day if that coz my skin gets so dry and not even the best moisturiser has helped to soften it up and i got put on Lymecycline for 3 months and so far my skin is clearing, feels loads better ,looks better and i feel better :)

im worried what wil happen if it does get better and i come off the drugs and it gets worse but until then i shouldnt worry i guess..

does anyone have any over the counter drugs or lotions or anything that have worked well for them,

ive tried using products from lush which never really worked...

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