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vitamin b5, do you really need 10g/day with moderate acne???

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i'm starting off at 5g/day. 10g/day seems to be for those with severe acne.

i know people who've taken 3g/day initially and seen results. anyone have any experience or knowledge of this?

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Taking less than 10g a day is pretty much useless. You really need to overload your system so it will produce more co-enzyme A. You have to really bombard it right from the start. That's what I did, and I'm 100% clear now. You can use less, but untill you use 10g a day it really won't kick in. And yeah, I have very light acne.


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actually i havent try this before in my life

but one thing i know is

Isnt every medicine or regimen need to start of slowly? :roll:

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yeah.. i'm on B5 right now.. like 1st week in.

Started at 1g and going up 1gram a week.

This way as you go up and if you find anyproblems happening you can lower it a bit.

I'll tell you, it's working.. i haven't got a single new pimple since. bu the old ones are still there.

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