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Ended Accutane...

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Well, I stopped accutane twelve days ago and some of my side effects have begun to subside. My face has returned to its normal color after five months of accutane redness. My lips started to feel better after two days and they're continuing to get better. Can't wear lipstick yet, but I don't have to apply aquaphor every ten minutes either. My face feels just as dry as it did on accutane. My nose is still dry and bleeds easily.

Now my worst side effect by far was my eye dryness and I'm still worried about it. They still feel the same in the morning when I wake up (like sandpaper), though they've improved a bit during the day from the degree of dryness I experienced while on accutane. They are certainly less red. I tried to wear contacts for an hour today (for the first time in five months) and I simply couldn't do it. They made my eyes sting and feel even dryer. To say the least, I'm really worried that I've permanently damaged my eyes. Very concerned, now that almost two weeks have passed, that they're not going to return to the way they were and that I won't be able to wear contacts again. I'm really bummed, though my doctor said to give it a month for all effects to subside. Grrrr.

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone.... berry

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aww how come all the bad news?! lets here the good news! are you completely clear? how about the red marks left? what was your dosage throughout your treatment?

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i want to echo the above questions...

also, your eyes WILL get better. I was on accutane 4 years ago and my eyes got really dry, about 2 months later i could wear contacts again (tho sparingly). Now 4 years on, to be honest with you, my tolerance for contacts is minimal. I just wear them to play sport in and go out on a night, using eye drops.

thats the thing with yer eyes on tane, they are the most common thing to remain effected. Ive just started a second course of accutane and i hope it doesnt finish my eyes off sad.gifsad.gif

but look on the bright side. you can always get laser eye surgery, or those perminant lenses which are surgically implanted into your eye (safer than the lasers). Both options are pretty cheap nowadays and risks are V V low. that would be much better than contacts anyhow.

so yea, whats was yer dose? results? etc etc

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Hey guys, I was on 40 mgs for 5 months. I broke out straight for about 3 1/2 months and then was clear to the the end. I have one zit that just popped up this week, but nothing major. I have tons of red spots and I don't think they've improved yet, though my face looks better in general because my overall redness has subsided. I'll be using retin-a in about a month to help with the spots and I expect that will do the trick.

Phil b, you say you believe my eyes will get better, but it sounds like you're still having trouble four years out. Unfortunately, that doesn't sound very encouraging. What do your eyes feel like when you do wear your contacts- just dry and irritated? Also, as far as I understand, dry eyes disqualify you for lasik surgery- at least that's what I've read online when I've done research.

I have certainly had positive results from the accutane in terms of acne and blackheads. However, I feel a little conflicted. If I have to live with painful eyes for the rest of my life, I'm not sure it will have been worth it. That said, it's certainly too early to make any drastic statements. Things should improve. I'll just keep my fingers crossed....

If you all have any more questions regarding my course, I'll be more than happy to answer them....berry

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