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Accutane and sweat glands

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When I workout I do not sweat as much as I used to do before. Wondering if accutane has an effect on sweat glands also the way it does on oil glands.

Are the two glands same?

If both the sweat glands and oil glands are the same will working out counteract the effect of tane due to the possible equation

workout = causing sweat glands to secrete more and expand more = opposite of what accutane is trying to do = counteracting the effects of tane.

Anyone know more?

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Hi, Unlucky!! eusa_angel.gif

I was unable to find evidence supporting whether or not Accutane directly effects your sweat glands What I did find, however, is a possible to explanation to what is going on in a report by Gabe Mirkin, M.D., regarding the long term safety of Accutane, wherein he states that oil slows down the evaporation of sweat. So, it isn’t that you are sweating less, it’s just that the sweat is evaporating at a faster rate due to the lack of oil you are secreting. (Pretty sci-fi if you ask me!)

Although I’ve been terrible and decided that eating salads day and night is an easier way to loose weight, I can’t see how working out would be bad for you on Accutane. You are lowering your cholesterol which must have an effect on lowering your triglycerides and your quickly evaporating sweat carries toxins out of your body.

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Thanks Arp.

Yes it makes sense. Just that I had one of those paranoid fears of what if I am doing something to make accutane less effective??? And the fact that I was sweating less freaked me out.

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