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I've had acne since I was about 16. I'm turning 20 in another month and I feel that I could just as easily be turning 16 again. It seems like I've missed out on everything normally experienced between then and now. There is no getting back that time either.

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I can relate.

I'm 23 years old and by society's standerds, quite grown up. I have my own place of residence, pay my own bills, cook my own food. I sleep with my fiance in the same bed everynight, and make up my own rules for my house. I have a job that I go to everyday and clean my house and pay my taxes and all of that. Really, by the numbers, I'm an adult.

But alot of days, I don't FEEL it. There is this bizzare discrepency, where sometimes I lay on the couch (that I bought and I keep clean) and feel as if I'm still 17 years old, living at home with parental figures, trying desperatly to figure out what this "living" thing is about. It's wierd - I KNOW I'm an adult, but I don't feel it so often.

I'm always waiting for the time when I will feel "grown up", as if it just happens one night while you sleep when you turn 30 or something. Or, like you said, perhaps my brain is still trying to learn/reach/experience/etc, etc something that I missed out on when I was younger.

Heh - I'm short. 5'1". What I wouldn't do for another 5 inches..... ;P

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