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When is enough... enough?

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For the older peeps here at acne.org, the acne vets if you will... could you please give me some advice on when I should consider taking accutance. I've had mild/moderate acne since i was 13 and im 19 now. I've been doing some regimens and what not while patiently waiting to grow out of it but I'm starting to believe that I never will. So when would you guys have started accutane?

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Guest Avian

For one thing, it depends where in the world you are. If you are in areas like the UK, you usually have to have moderate-severe acne to be prescribed acne.

If you live somwhere where you can get it for moderate acne, though, it sounds like it could be about time. 6 years is a long time to have acne, and if no other treatments worked, the last resort should be used.

However, make sure that you make an informed decision by reading up on potential long-term side effects reported by a minority of users before you use the drug. Accutane isn't controversial for no reason.

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I'm in Canadia, so I don't think it would be to much of a problem getting the tane. However I don't know much about the stuff except that its iffy and there can be side effects. If i were to go on it I don't think i'd care what the cost was as long as i knew my acne was on its way out the door. 6 years is a long time but it doesnt seem to be getting any worse, im just really tired of washing and spot treating and every thing else that goes with acne. The acne I can deal with, its the daily routine and thinking about it constantly thats killing me. I cant shake it mentally anymore.

I'm trying to make this transition from a teen to a man but my acne, instead of just being an annoying everyday disease I gotta deal with has now put my life on hold. Its hard to grow into the person you wanna be when your hiding out in your room all the time. Without growing into a miserable bitter guy.

So does 20 sound reasonable... after seven years of acne? Its not getting any worse... but who knows when it gonna get better.

One question i do have about accutane though is does it cause the inability to heal properly?


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thanks man, maybe i'll just do that... maybe i will. Another upside to it is once im on it I can start believing in something again. That there might be a chance its finally coming to an end. How severe was your acne and how long have you been taking the tane? Oh and hows the acne lookin? Better i hope ... I dont mean to be racist, thats a crime, and crime if for black people. biggrin.gif just joking black people I aint got nothing but love, peace up A town down baby. But anyways bboy are u chinese? There arent many chinese people where I live but for some reason my bestest friends are chinese and malasian... i just get along with them the best i guess.

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