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For all -> Andrei's regimen -> It works

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It's simple and it works. Just give it a shot and you will see. Here's the basics of what you have to do. Go and get these two products:

Solugel 4% BP or something of equal comparison (that's the basic benzoyl peroxide part everyone here knows about)

Secondly, and most important of all: Lavender Essential Oil by Aromaforce.

Here's how you're going to use these two products:

-- Morning --

1) In the morning when you shower after you soap down you bring out the lavender oil. Open the top and put like 10 drops in your palm.

2) Rub it all over your face for 1 min. and then leave it on for another minute. You will feel it working. Lavender has the awesome effect of being an antibacterial agent, as well as an anaesthetic. But don't worry it's all good. The Romans used it to wash too (hence it's name Lavender comes from Laver in French - "to wash")

3) You can wash your back and chest if you've got acne there too.

4) When you get out of the shower, just put on your benzoyl peroxide and fav moisturizer as usual.

-- Night --

1) Wash your face with something non-soap (i.e. Spectrojel).

2) Put 7 drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton pad and rub it on your face. Leave the oil on.

3) Put on your benzoyl peroxide now.

4) Go to sleep.

I have to say I'm sorry for not posting sooner, but when you don't have acne you just don't think about it anymore, so I forgot to tell anyone except my family. Just give this a shot if you have not, and you will be surprised. My brother had bad cystic acne and he's almost clear now after 2 weeks. I've been clear for a long time and it only took me a week on this regimen, but you have to keep doing it every day.

Things to keep in mind:

-Lavender essential oil is an oil yes, but just because you put oil on your face doesn't mean it will clog your pores. So don't worry.

-Lavender essential oil is a strong oil and it smells strong, that's why you should wash with it rather that putting it on before you go out in public.

-Lavender oil can be used undiluted on skin so don't dilute it (oils don't mix with water so you might just be putting water on your face and leaving the oil on the cotton pad).

-I was a bit sensitive at first so if you see redness and your face feels tight a bit, just don't use the lavender for a day, but keep at it.

I'd love to hear comments and I'd like to help everyone with this regimen. This has a good chance of working for most people. Feel free to email me or reply to this thread.

My email is: [email protected]


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I saw results after a week. What happened was that acne wasn't popping up as much as it used it to. Eventually after a few days, I wasn't getting any new acne. Scars disappeared pretty fast with this regimen too. Then I applied the same thing to my bacne, and it just kept getting better.

My brother took 2 to 3 weeks to see results because he had really bad acne. His face was all covered in pimples, and he had cystic painful acne too. Then he started doing this regimen and pimples went down in number. Now he's almost clear. It just sucks that he has scars, and it's too bad I didn't stumble on this sooner.

I'd hate to sound stupid advocating Lavender essential oil so much, but to anyone who's having doubts, it can't hurt. It's around $11 from the local health food store. I'd recommend anyone who's tried everything else to try this instead.


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hey, im confused on what to do next, but this might sound nice, cuz it dosent use a lot, i used everything else. but how drying/flakey does this make your skin?

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I find that my skin exfoliates better with this regimen, which is why it looks more supple and not as flakey. When you shower in the morning it usually helps to give you smoother skin and get rid of dry dead skin. I recommend a good moisturizer to use in the morning before you go out however. Otherwise you will get dry skin and flakes.

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what about with accutane? is it fine...? you probably wouldnt be able to answer this one unless you were on accutane but what about anyone else?

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