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Vitamin/herb tablets specially designed for acne ?

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im 21 with acne and Iv taken accutane in the past and it cleared me 100%. but my acne returned about 8 months later.

So Im taking vitamin B5 and have been doing so for a year now.

it took me around 5 months to get 95% clear on B5, then i went to maintainence dose and broke out.

So im back to taking B5 at 10grams a day along with a multivitamin and some Flax Seed Oil (this helps!).

im 90% clear at the moment but i still breakout weekly. i want to be clear like i was on accutane and i dont want to take B5 forever.

are there any tablets out there that are designed with clear skin in mind ?

i want to replace the vitamin b5 and multivitamin with a something that includes them both, with other stuff that clears acne (if u know what i mean)

iv found Perfectil, which iv heard models take.

its basically what i want BUT it doesnt have vitamin A!!!?

taking 10grams a day of b5 is expensive, and i so badly want to cure my acne from the inside.

iv also found Derma Cleanse, from zenmed.com, which im tempted to try..

any ideas out there!?

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I currently take 2 DermaKlear by Akne Zyme per day. It is a limited multivitamin with vitamin A, C, Bs, and zinc (plus others). It also includes the herb Burdock root, which is supposed to be good for skin health. I still have a lot of acne but I stopped taking this stuff once to see if it was really helping my skin at all and my face became a mess!!! So, I keep taking it hoping it is doing some good. Cost is about $16 for a bottle of 90 tablets.

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Perfectil Caps do they sell these in store or can you only buy them online?

I know the Zenmed Acne set looks interesting to buy but i heard to get only the pills since they work like accutane but have less side effects!!

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For the real trick to using DermaCleanse click on my natural acne program linked below and scroll down to "The Secret Weapon of Supplementation".

Perfectil is excellent but if you want a similarly effective multivitamin but one including vitamin A, then I'm happy to refer you to what I regard as THE best mulivitamin specifically for acne, which is also linked right next to Perfectil under "Multivitamin" the supplementation section. It's called DermaMed PhytoMe and I've got a link in my program to a good site that sells it at a good price. It also has borage and evening primrose oil and a very special balance of pretty much every supplement believed to benefit acne. It's really outstanding.

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