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I've seen this product called Acne-Free in drugstores like at CVS. I think it has 3 steps or something like that. Has anyone ever used it & does it work good? I have mild to moderate acne.

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Guest Avian

Some members have used it, and they say it has worked well. How much does it cost?

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Guest Shjaker

Yeeeeha! I've been using AcneFree for a little over 2 months. If you use it correctly, it'll work fine. If you don't, you're creating your own road of disappointment.

I.E. the directions say to use it twice a day. No. Especially if it's your first BP use. Twice a day will drive you INSANE, you hear me, INSANE. Hell, once a day for the first week was making me itch in my sleep.

Yeah.. the first week or so is hell. I'm tellin' ya.

It dries out your skin, it's itchy like hell (especially if you provoke it) and it turns your face red, sometimes swells a little. The trick is to find a fine medium for yourself.

I now use my once every other day, sometimes once a day if I feel like it. Anymore and I'll start peeling and get itchy. And there's no way to know what medium is for you unless you test. I used 2 months of testing. I guess this won't apply for everyone, but happy mediums are always well advised.

And I did see results in 3 days, like it said. It really kills your zits and pimples. I'd suggest a moisturizer definitely though. AcneFree is coming out with their own moisturizer soon, so that's cool. If you don't already have one I'd suggest one that is:

-oil free

-non greasy

-non comedogenic (doesnt clog pores)

-one with SPF 15 with is A MUST for AcneFree, because too much unnecessary sun exposure is not a good thing.

Uhm.. not sure what else to say. Well I do, like washing methods and whatnot buut.. Bleh, if you want to know more and are going to try it just PM me.

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 is oil-free, non-greasy, non-comedogenic and is SPF 15 (obviously).

Just in case someone wanted an actual product recommended.

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