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What power levels are people's smoothbeam at?

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Smoothbeam is affordable in my area so I'm giving it a try and I'm happy with the results thus far. I'm not doing it for scar removal but instead sebacious hyperplasia (enlarged oil producing glands). I was just curious on everybody elses power lvls

I just finished my third. They were spaced every 2 weeks so I started about 4 weeks ago. The first lvl was on 13. I noticed no redness. Two weeks later before the 2nd treatment I noticed some slight improvement. The doc put it up to 13.5, this time there was redness which lasted a couple hours. I looked like a goof for a couple hours but so is life. At 4 weeks, just prior to my 3rd treatment, I noticed quite a bit imrpovement. The doc upped it again to 14. I think this is as high as I want to go. There was some redness which lasted until the next day. I'm hoping for further improvement. If I still want to go further in my treatment I'll probably go to accutaine or PDL.

thanks for any info on other peoples smoothbeams lvl.



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My first was set at 10.5. Post-treatment, my face was not red at all, in fact, I could've gone back to work. Over the past four weeks, I've noticed some improvement, in fact, after some initial sporadic blemishing, I haven't broken out the past week and a half.

My next one is this Saturday, and I'm hoping that the LPN will bump the setting up a little, because, well, why not? If I can take a 10.5, I should be able to tolerate at least a 12 or 12.5.

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