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I'm trying it now.. starting slow.. 500mg-1g a day. gradually going up each week. Hope it works!

I dunno about birth control. I'm a guy. But B5 is water soluble so... if that does anything?

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Go to http://www.vitaglo.com . I don't have any financial interest in that

company, by the way.

They sell "8 Ounce Pure Powder Pantothenic Acid". That's what you

want. It's made by "NOW Foods". It's very cheap. Something like

$14 for 8 ounces, and at 10g per day that's about 22 days supply

(220g per container). You can mix the powder in anything. I used

gator aid for a while. I tried water, but it's too icky in water. I now

make iced tea and add it to it.

But watch out for those nasty side-effects (diarrhea and a major

initial breakout).


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thanks for the reply...

i visited that website and the prices arent bad at all...like u said very cheap. Well the majority seem to be in pill form but it seems u take the powder kind...what the difference?

And also how have u been doing on it????

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the powder form is just easier than having to pop like 20 pills a day (depending on the number of mg your b5 supp is). it's all the same stuff though.

if you're gonna start taking b5, you should start with a HIGH dosage (depending on how severe you acne is), then gradually lower your dosage as time goes on. from what i heard 10g/day seems to be the norm for those with severe acne, but i know people with light-moderate acne who've taken as low as 3 grams a day and have seen drastic results. b5 is water soluble which means that excess is just excreted through urine. some people say you should take a b-complex vitamin with b5 because an excess amount of one vitamin may cause an imbalance in your body, but a multivitamin should work fine also.

i've done a good amount of research on this, and i've been taking b5 for a few days now. i started out with 5g/day and i'm probably gonna stick to that for a month and see how things work out.

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I dont mean to diss B5, but taken in quantities over 100mg/day might cause serious liver damage in as little as 6 months, according to 3 of the doctors I have visited.

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All B vitamins are water soluble. If your body doesn't need it, it gets

expelled as urine and/or solid waste. According to everything I've

seen it's not toxic at high doses (50g/day or more even).

Your doctors might be thinking of Vitamin A, which certainly is

toxic in high doses. But then Vitamin A is fat soluble and builds up

in your body. Unlike B5.


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B5 does not build up in the liver, but makes the liver over work and eventually it causes problems in extremely huge amounts, hell, anything in huge amounts causes problems ....

and I have yet to see anyone cured from B5; results are most likely temporary and will cause more damage than gain. Acne, my friend, is way too complicated to be cured by B5

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I have in front of me 15 pages of medical study citing the benefits of b vitamins, especially b5 on acne and weight loss. If I get my scanner working, I'll gladly post the entire study.

The study does mention vitamin b-12 as being potentially dangerous to the liver, however, nothing else even appears remotely dangerous in doses as small as 10g / day.

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I tried 1 gram for 7 days once, and my stomach went NUTS!

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I've been on 10 grams for going on 3 weeks, and haven't even experienced more diarrhea than usual (frequent Taco Bell eater :P ). What I can say, is my facial oil has been greatly reduced, and that makes it worth it right there 8)

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