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Derm won't prescribe accutane, what can I do?

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Hi. I'm 22 years old and have been through two full courses of

accutane. I still have mild to moderate acne, especially on my back

and shoulders. Last year my derm prescribed minicycline along with

tazorac gel and brevoxyl 8. I knew that none of this stuff would

really do much and it didn't. I figured I'd bite the bullet and give

accutane one last shot. After all, after all the creams and pills, it

was the only method that actually cleared my skin, at least

temporarily. Anyway, I figured I'd go back to the derm and demand

accutane. Now I've been going to him since 1997 and he has been a

long term supporter of accutane so I thought no problem. He checked

me out and asked me if I would try doxycycline along with avar

cleanser. I thought to myself this is another waste of time

appointment. Finally I just asked him straight out why not accutane.

He said he'd love to do accutane again but he can't. He said that the

FDA has been very strict and he would have to sign a consent form that

states that I have severe acne. He said they came up with this form

because their initial plan was to take it off the market. He said by

signing this form he would be commiting perjury. He just wants me to

try this treatment because he figures I'll grow out of this soon. I'm

not so sure about that. I think he is just trying to pasify me by

prescribing these meds. So now it seems as though I'm stuck. Should

I try to go to somebody else? I don't want to waste more money on

office visits to another derm if what he is saying is true and that no derm will prescribe it for moderate acne. All I know is I have a million

different prescriptions for products that just don't work for me. Go

figure that the one that could actually help isn't available to me. I

figure I wasted my money with that appointment. In fact, I don't even

know if its worth getting the prescriptions filled. I am trying the

samples now but nothing doing yet. Any suggestions?



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Read what I typed in the topic "accutane requirements". Do that stuff and you could also tell him to put you on accutane or else you'll just go to another derm who WILL! Honestly, some derms are in it for the money...prescribing acne victims all of these bullshit lotions and stuff that hardly even work. Well, good luck


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Hey, I have a feeling you live in the States where you lose out on the benefits that many of us Europeans have. This doesn't make sense, since even celebrities who have minor acne problems use Accutane so why shouldn't you?

I don't have any constructive advice to give you since I have never been in that kind of a predicament. But if I were you, I would seriously sort your derm out.

Yes, you are correct. I live in PA. I just hate the idea of having to try a bunch of derms before I find one who will actually give me the stuff. I'm convinced that they receive kickback on a lot of these meds. Especially the topicals, come on, tazorac, differin, retin-A, brevoxyl, Avar. I've used them all and they do zip. Besides I don't exactly like the idea of being on antibiotics all my life, especially since they don't really help either...I guess the next derm I go to I'll just give a list of the useless treatments and demand accutane, hopefully that will work...sigh

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Tell the bitch to give you accutane or else your walking outta there to find a different derm. and you ain't paying for that gay little doctor visit for 2 minutes for him to say you can't have accutane. This is america, fuck em! You deserve better....like accutane!


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Well after a month and no improvement with doxycycline I decided to take matters into my own hands and consulted another derm. I pretty much told him that the antibiotics don't do crap and that I've been on accutane twice (80mg/day both times) and it was the only stuff that ever helped me. I told him I wanted to give accutane one last shot. He agreed and prescribed me 80mg/day. I was surprised at the doseage but he probably was going by my previous doseages. I hoping this last course will knock out the back and shoulder acne that I've been suffering.

What do you guys suggest for the dry lip condition. I always cake aquaphor on before I go to bed. Is there anything else I can use. The dry lips is the only real side effect that bothers me just because others notice it too cause my lips usually get pink around the edges. Any ideas for helping this? Also, should I begin to use the aquaphor or whatever moisturizer now before I even develop the side effects? I figured that dry lips is due to lack of moisture and if I start now, maybe I can help retain the moisture that's there...any thoughts on this? If I can somewhat keep that under control, I can survive a few months of this.

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