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question bout accutane

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right now my skin is loose and my pores are very wide and my skin is just kinda droopie right under my eyes like my cheeks kinda does tane clear it up and tightn up that old skin with new skin or is it just like this from washing so much please help thankyou.

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Hey Mitchyishot,

From what I know about accutane, it doesn't do much for large poors and nothing for droopie skin. Accutane stops your body from producing so much of that "stuff" that clogs your poors in the first place. It won't help scars or produce new skin.

I have the same problem as you (more large poors than droopie skin) and have begun using 2% Salicylic Acid (Clean&Clear) $2.99 and an over the counter glycolic acid peel ($20.00). You can get both at Walmart. Or, if you want, go to www.platinumskincare.com and check out the glycolic acid peels. They are more pricey, but work better for sure. They have a higher acid percentage and lower ph level, which allows the acid to get deeper into the skin faster and clean out your poors.

Just from using the over the counter Salicylic Acid and glycolic acid peel, I have noticed a pretty dramatic difference in my poors. I also use Dan's BP regimen, because the BP kills the bacteria. I figure that if I kill the bacteria and clean the poors with the acid, my skin will have little chance to break out.

One more thing.. be sure to moisturize!! I use Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle. It comes in a jar and is about

$11.00, but worth it! This stuff is like butter, but WILL NOT clog your poors. It's amazing. Even though I hate the feeling of lotion on my face, i have to use it to keep from drying out and having dead looking skin. It's the only thing that works for me. Use it only at night if you hate moisturizing and then use a more water based moisturizer that is less "heavy" during the day (Eucerin makes this also in a pump). Just be sure to use one with SPF. Ok, well, that's my advice. I have pretty crappy skin and have been trying to figure out what to do with it for years now and this is helping. I hope it helps you also.

Best of luck...

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