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I had mild acne for quite some time, until one happy day it burst into some nice cystic ance, and my doc finally gives me Tane. Go on it, and it's the same old story. Acne doesn't really go away. Insane-o dry skin. Chapped Lips. Really red face. By the end of month 6, I finally start to clear up. Im left with crazy redmarks. Now, about 10 months after tane, my skin is finally getting better. It feels amazing, and I love Tane for it. It was worth it all. HANG IN EVERY1!! i LOVE YOU ALLLLLL

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!!! I can't express the vicarious joy that I'm feelin right now!!! I'm so happy for you!! I hope I will be in your shoes someday!!! PEACE!!

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Me too.... acne for 10 years (always mild-medium)...but persistant.

2 months into tane..... ALL GONE!!

Even the dry skins virtually finished aswell.

Best thing I ever did smile.gif

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Im at the ten month mark, and I still have some side effects. My skin feels a little dry and tight right after washing. Stays that way for maybe 2 hours. I actually like how it feels, though. Like clean. Otherwise, all other side effects have subsided. I would say the dry lips stopped at month nine. I also had bumps on my arms and hands. That went away two weeks after stopping Tane. As for the red face, I think it gradually faded after I stopped. It's still a little bit red at times, but you can only tell under bright bright fluroscent light.

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