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Cream of Tartar Acne Cure

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A VERY smart and reliable former acne sufferer friend of mine told me this today as a personal trick of hers from her acne days, and she claims it was absolutely brilliant for her mild to moderate acne.

You take 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar in a glass of juice or a cup of tea once a day, and it pretty much clears you right up, especially if you've got mild to moderate acne.

It's a powder that's used in cooking as a raising agent, especially to stabilize egg whites when whipping up a lemon meringue pie or something yummy like that.

It mixes right into a drink, and supposedly 1 tblspoon a day is extremely effective for acne.

When ingested straight up, it's supposed to be powerfully cleansing for the colon, liver and gallbladder.

I bought a little tin of cream of tartar at Tesco's today and I'm going to give it a try.

I've got a fresh mug of green tea in front of me and I'm adding the powder right now.

I'm drinking it down now shortly before retiring for the night.

Let's see how it goes!

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I tried this a year ago. Didn't help much but others have shown great improvements. There's a huge thread about this on Pioneer thinking skin forum.

I just want to add that it has extremely high levels of potassium for what you take so that could be a reason why it works, because most people's sodium/potassium ratios are reversed just like their Omega 3 and 6 levels.

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This makes sence to me as i believe this to be a great detox method. there are methods for poeple who are quitting smoking to use this daily as you stated and it helps remove the nicotine out of your system. i have also thought about epsom salt baths as also prescribed to draw nicotine out of the skin. i have thought about doing epsom salt baths.

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blackbirdbeatle thanks for the tip i googled it and found the pioneer thread before trying, seemed promising

poorprettyface you're right about the detox, it's often recommended in a solution along with epsom salts and a fresh lemon squeeze-- do you smoke, are you quitting? i quit last year, just cold turkey, and i've been fine. my sister still smokes, like all slim, trendy 20somethings in London, sadly (literally, they ALL smoke, pisses me off), but I'll pass on this tip to her when she quits, which should be soon I hope

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Guest OrangeFlower

congratulations for quitting the habit!

eusa_clap.gif some people are too lazy to even try..

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