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DO IT!!!!!

you wont believe how much it'll make you feel good about yourself. I got a clear face now but when I used to have pimples n shit and I'd work out after I'd feel so good about myself. If some of you get depressed about yourselves go work out. Work out your whole body. Afterwards and in the near few days you just feel healthy and good about yourself. You kind of stop looking at your acne and look past it. It's strange. Try it. Get's your self esteem up.

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I've read articles that scientists have done studies and found that exercise is very effective as an anti-depressant. I've never finished a workout feeling down. :-

I have diet to thank for my clear skin though. Later.

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Be carefull though! Or you'll get obsessed with it (like me) which isn't necessaraly a bad thing though. But bad for my wallet. Damn those expensive protein jugs.

I am obsessed with workin out. I do it daily now. Muscles are starting to really build up in my chest, abs, and arms. Makes me feel so powerfull and confident. And I'm starting to look alot better in many different types of clothing simply because my body is starting to shape. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that other things besides a clear complexion can make you look good. And it's been helping my red spots actually and they are pretty much gone. My left cheeck is clear, i dont see a single thing under any sort of lighting. The right cheek has like 2 spots, very tiny, left. So, im glad! :-

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