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Bleaching Everything!!!!

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Help!!! I am very careful when using the BP Gel to wash my hands every time, but I keep bleaching my pillow cases, my night clothes, and my towels. I am at a loss for what to do. Like I said, I am very careful about washing my hands immediatly after applying the BP, but it is not helping!!!! Any suggestions???

PS. I am not much into wearing white.

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Hi Redned.

Yep, the bleaching can be annoying, and sometimes unpreventable no matter how hard we try. If you can afford to, consider buying white towels, and you can buy some pretty cheap white pillowcases too, and use only those. As for your pajamas, or whatever you wear to bed, well try only wearing something white or off-white (or you can always sleep in the nude! biggrin.gif ), anything else is just going to get bleached, at least around the collar probably.

I do go ahead and use my regular patterned sheets and blankets, but I just use a plain white pillowcase, because I have found there is just no way to keep the bp from rubbing off in the night on the pillowcase. And I also only buy white or off-white towels, for the same reason.

Those are about the the only suggestions I can make. Save your colorful towels and sheets for guests I suppose.

Hope this helps.

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I bleached a new shirt smile.gif

when I was on the regimen, I tried to wear white or fleece

fleece doesn't bleach

and sleep on old bed sheets

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