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New to this board but heres my story! READ!

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Whats up everyone!

I was searching around and stumbled upon this site. Heres my story with Acne.

I was 17 when it first hit me. Im 25 now. I got it worse then ive ever seen on anyone. have pictures too. I had big pockets that went from the back of my ear to almost the middle of my neck. It did this from each ear by the way. My dermatologist never seen anything like mine. I was classified as Vulgaris acne. I had a little hole in my neck cause from all the stretching of the skin. Well needless to say about 4 or 5 times a day i would have to pick off the scab and drain the pockets. Was unbelievable! and the pain was seriously insane. I could not turn my neck. I had these things on my cheeks and neck. I also had a few on my back. And i remember going to the derm one time with my aunt. The dr. asked me if everything was ok at home. Well the acne left severe stretch marks on my back and left huge holes. I still have them till this day.. The scars on my face and neck have faded almost completely. I was on about 5 different things for my face. Though i dont remember them all .. I had a little dabber bottle with stuff (worked well), alittle bottle of gel. (Did nothing for me) A white wash that i used in the shower. (Did nothing for me) Peroxide cream And i was on antibiotics.. Started out on penicilin .. That was not healing me so we switched over to Keflex. And that started healing me up relatively quick. I took me over a year to heal from the pockets on my neck and such. Well today i have been using natures cure products. I use the male pills. It took about 3 months or so for the product to fully work. That little product is a life saver for me. I swear by the stuff. Natures cure by itself keeps me clear. I mean yea i have a few pimples here and there.. But If i go off of it for a month or so.. Which i have.. Then boom i have cists and everything forming again. I also use the body spray. from a full breakout i can get clear with the spray in about 3 weeks. I would assume it would depend on how fast one could heal. So it would be different for everyone. Ive been using natures cure now for 5 years.. Ill never use anything else bottom line. Welp thats all so if anyone is wondering if natures cure works.. Yep.. works great. give it a few months.. you cant expect to see good results in a week.... also.. when starting new acne treatments you always break out from switching then clear up from the new product!... Peace everyone

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