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Is this normal?

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My 2 year old cousin gets a few pimples sometimes. Lol, is this normal? Needless to say they disappear in a few days, but I've never seen a child this young get em neutral.gif .He does eat a LOT of sugar for a 2 year old, (don't ask) could that be contributing?

It's probably not a big deal, just makin sure

I know, I'm such a good cousin aren't I? biggrin.gif

....not really eusa_shifty.gif

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I read that some babies get acne. they say this is a result of the mother taking some kind of medication (during pregnancy with the baby) that has acne as a side effect. this may be the case with your 2-year old cousin. what i've noticed in my younger cousins (they're 12, 11, and 9) is they have little skin colored bumps. now i know they're at that age where puberty is starting, but i never had anything at that age - my skin was crystal clear, until 3 years ago.(i'm 23 now). and i'm trying to figure out what i'm doing differently. i used to use noxzema, and i never broke out. that's it. never put on moisturizer. i also didn't eat alot. i think that's a key because when your system has too much food and doesn't get rid of it, it just stays there and the waste circulates. although, back then it was 'cus i was trying to lose babyfat, when i started going to the gym, i wasn't concerned with that. so i ate more. but i didn't exactly expel it from my system regularly. and come to think of it, that's when the acne started. also, i was drinking more milk(protein shakes) and eating tuna (which has iodine) and since i was no longer concerned with losing weight, i ate chocolate (sugar). so i think it was a combination of things that kept me crystal clear while others broke out. i also slept alot when i was younger. i notice alot of people have these skin colored bumps (my problem as well). do you know how to get rid of them? i want my crystal clear skin back. anyway, the reason i notice it in my younger cousins is because i see it on my skin, so i'm on the lookout for it in other people, and i'm thinking, they're very young to get them too.

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Babies really commonly get acne right after birth as a result of all the pregnancy hormones in the mother's system. If you're cousin is still nursing it might be related to hormone surges in the breast milk as the mom's cycles go on.

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