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Joint injury won't heal - answers?

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Accutane Question:

29 y/o male, 5th month of accutane treatment, finger injury won't heal after 3 months.

About 3 months ago I jammed two of my fingers playing basketball (in different games). Now, near the end of my accutane treatment, I still have two very sensitive and swollen fingers. The injury was a typical "jam" that I think bruised the cartlige between my finger bones.

I bump a wall with my finger and it hurts. I put my shoes on and it hurts. I type at work and it hurts. I try to tear open wrappers and it hurts. How much damage is this doing to me? Will I get arthritis in these joints now?

I'm wondering if they will ever heal, why they aren't healing, and if the same mechanisms that cause general joint pain are contributing to my bodies apparent inability to repair the joints and get on with life!! I've jammed my fingers before, and this kind of injury would normally heal w/in 1 to 2 weeks. The fact that TWO fingers that are suffering the same fate, from two different injuries, lets me KNOW it's not just a badly jammed finger.

Thanks for any advice. I talked with my derm and she said "yea, it slows the healing process down." I'm more inclined to believe that it STOPS the healing process for soft tissue injuries in the joints.

Anyone had a similar experience?

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