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hello, im 2.5 weeks into the regimen....i kno its not an extremely long period of time but my skin is getting worse and worse. No area on my face has improved and it seems every part of my face has gotten worse. my skin looks really bad and i dont see it clearing up any time soon. i must be doin something wrong but i dont kno what it is.....i wash my face, apply the bp and apply moisturizer.....but something isnt working right

i use all the correct products but my skin is alot worse using this regimen....i don kno i guess i juss need some advice, comments, anything

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Guest Avian

Sorry to have two questions at once, but do you apply the BP right after you wash? That could cause A LOT of irritation.

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hello. So, you've been on the regimen two weeks, and things are obviously not going so good.

Could you please list exactly which products you are using, just so that we can be sure they are the correct thing? And also, are you washing very very gently, then waiting 15mins, then applying the bp (starting with a small dosage and gradually working up to the full dosage over 4 weeks time), then waiting 15 mins. and applying the moisturizer?

Dan has said that an acne flare up around the second week can be fairly common, so that could be what you are experiencing. If you are sure you are not allergic to bp, then keep with the regimen, very specifically, and within a few weeks things should start to improve for you. I realize how frustrating this can be, but bp works best as a preventative, so with any new acne treatment program, you need to give it a month to six weeks before you can decide if it is going to work for you or not.

And as Vertigo mentioned, be sure you are not adding any further acne medications or chemicals into the regimen. And do not pick at or touch your face any more than is necessary to do the regimen process.

For now, write back with the exact products you are using, and exactly how you are applying them.

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