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I read through these posts and more and more I feel like I know everyone of you. I feel like I AM everyone of you.

My skin is my enemy. I fight a battle every day when I get up. When I look in the mirror, will I be a little bit clearer, a little bit better? I obsess about my skin and probably have created psychological scars from beating myself up over it all the time. I look in the mirror and I know it could be worse, but I just don't understand why it won't get better.

I feel unworthy of love because of my acne and scars. I relate to those stories where you see a guy that you're attracted to and automatically, you shoot yourself down because you're complexion isn't as clear as the girl sitting next to you. I think that guys have ended relationships with me because I'm not pretty enough. Sometimes I feel like people are staring at me because they can see through the makeup, they can see through ME. And other times, I just feel invisible.

Most people think I'm happy and confident, which probably reflects my overcompensation for the inner decay that is my self-worth. ACNE is a real PROBLEM for those who suffer from it. We wear it on our faces, for everyone to see and to judge. It's hard to not feel completely hopeless...

BUT -- here, on this message board, you are all BEAUTIFUL. Your kind words, advice, and even your own struggles represent to me, a group of people who can put their own hardship aside and reach out to other people. That's the most beautiful quality in a human being. Continue posting, continue trying what works for you...and remember to "get clear" on the inside, as well as the out.



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Guest Amy Lee

I feel you... Be strong by the way. Acne is a problem, but it isn't everything.

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i couldn't thank u guys enuf... u guys have touched my heart!

thanks for the encouragment i shaLL say...

i am speechless... cry.gif

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Guest Zitro

ah, that was so touching eusa_angel.gif

The most beautiful quality of the human beings as you say is not the most important for some, BUT ... the ones who do are the ones that will see us past the acne --> they are the best ones.

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