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Okay this site is quite big and theres alot of good information and also a load of crap and i thought of an idea but not sure if it would work. If everyone can contribute back to the site by sharing their knowledge of somthing valuable they have learnt while they have been a member of this site.(please somthing you have done urself and seen the results). We will keep this post as a infomation post only. If anyone has questions ask the member personally do not ask on this post. Im sure this will help alot of people.

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1 acne trick I've learned? Get enough sleep at regular times. If you look at the times of most posts here, about half of them are between midnight and dawn, including this one (insomnia). World-renowned dermatologist Dr. James E. Fulton flatly refuses to even take acne patients if they work night shifts, because he knows that irregular sleeping patterns are such an important factor that he can't properly help the patient fully address the causes of his acne without accounting for such a serious trigger (sleep deprivation and wakefulness at night elevate androgen levels thus stimulating the oversensitive oil gland receptors in acnegenic individuals). So if I can contribute 1 thing, it's normalizing your sleep-- every night 8-9 hours, 11PM-7AM. If need be, have sex during your lunch break so you can sleep at night.

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Best thing I can say is to read up on websites such as the following on diet and acne. While there are some different opinions here, they basically all think that diet has a role in acne. I can say that my son with cystic acne has had a lot of success with the no grain (except whole grains on occasion), no refined food diet that mostly consists of lean proteins, veggies and fruits.




I would also read up on posts by Sweet Jade and others in the Diet/holistic area. Thanks for reading.

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hi minnymouse.. i put some pics of my face up http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...album&album=905

very nasty.. u can't see it in the pics cuz i took the pics w/ my camera phone. and in person their red and kinda dark red.

there u go.. i've been eating ok smile.gif i dont just eat fruits/veges i eat whatever but i have fruits/veges in my diet. smile.gif i can't go on w/ the way i work out w/out other foods.

but to the poster try natural things and no more meds. smile.gif

oh yes when i used to sleep at around 11 pm for a good while my acne was gone. but when i met this stupid girl that stayed up very late all the time. had lots of sex etc. i was always fatiged (sp?)

i slept when the sun came up or most the time 5 am in the morning i did that for about a good three months. really messed up my sleeping pattern.

now i can't sleep at 11 pm anymore i dunno y. i have insomnia now for some reason. my phychritrist gave me benadryl but i dont wanna depend on that. should i start taking my sleeping pills? i took it once sleep from 11 pm to 11 30 am. oh man. i relaly dont want to depend on the pills though.

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i'm still struggling with acne, (although i am praying that Accutane will do SOMETHING), but i don't have any scars or hyperpigmentation that have lasted for more than one month. i'm not lucky and i do not use any special creams or scrubs.

it's not anything new or high tech, but my one little bit of advice is: avoid the sun, use SPF every day (rain or shine) and do not pick at scabs before they're ready to "come off."

i know that tanning is very popular and considered a must for many, but i truly believe that it's been my fear of sunshine that has made my skin pretty resilient against marks. i am not fair. i have medium toned skin which is usually more prone to hyperpigmentation.

this avoidance doesnt mean i don't go to the beach. i do, and i even lay out in the sun, but i protect my face with at least SPF 30, (as for the damage to the rest of my body, well...). Day to day, I use spf 15.

i dont have any scars even though i am a major squeezer and popper! i can't seem to leave my face alone!!! but once they scab over, i leave them alone. tearing a scab off an unhealed wound will just perpetuate the raw skin and hinder its recovery. let it peel off on its own and it's less likely to leave a semi-permanent mark.

of course, if you can resist squeezing and popping in the first place, all the better!! (but this is hard. VERY!!!)

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The biggest thing that has cleared my acne has been the use of supplementation. After reading alot of articles I found that whiteheads that appear quickly on the skin (may or may not have turned into cystic acne) are caused by a lack of EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) in the body.

Sebum is made from a combination of lipids and this combiation made with oleic acid (the most common Omega EFA North Americans consumer) makes the sebum more dense and it moves out of the pore slower than normal sebum which is made from Linoleic Acid (most Americans do not recieve enough of this EFA).

Linoleic Acid is found in many vegetable oils but marketers ususally don't sell it in food first because heat when cooking destroys it, and second because it has a short term shelf life and has to be refridgerated when not in a cap form.

The best way to get the proper ratio (3:1) of EFA and regular fats is then to supplement with Flax Seed Oil. It contains the exact ratio the human body needs.

When your body finally gets the EFAs its been desperatly looking for your sebum production becomes alot less thick, redness diminishes (because the Linoleic sebum is soothing to skin), and white heads stop forming.

My own personal Experience:

I had been using B5 alone for 2 months and saw good improvements but then after I left home and started school, my eating habits were pretty bad to say the least. Cereal, peanut butter sandwhiches, and protien shakes were my main daily diet. I was going from face wash to face wash makeing my skin more and more irritated with overwashing trying to get rid of those stupid flesh colored bumbs! (whiteheads). Anyway, I search the web for whiteheads, in hopes that I would find something, and I did... alot of disgusting pictures.

Then after a few more pages of google later I stumbled onto a bunch of articles about EFAs and that one symptom when your not getting enough is whiteheads. I was like OH MY GOSH, so anyway, I went down to my CVS on the corner bought a 200 1000mg cap deal of Flax Seed Oil and took two everytime I took my B5 and then four before I went to bed (just to be safe).

Over the course of these last two months my skin has become ALOT smoother and its alot less oily, and except for one red mark from a big cyst, I am completely clear.

Hope this Helps Somebody

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There are a few things that have cleared me up that I would reccomend to others. I saw amazing results after I stopped using creatine and whey. I like my body a little more without the creatine anyways now that I'm off it. My cheeks are chubby any more and I've lost about 10 lbs. or so. Also I cut the junk food out of my diet. No more DiGiorno 3 times a week, no more 2 cans of soda every day. Also I'm eating a lot of fruit and veggies that I didn't before. I'm really enjoying this AHA enhanced lotion as well. It seems to smoothen out my skin, get rid of those annoying little whiteheads, and stop pimples from forming.

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Aloe Vera gel is the one thing that has really helped, both with acne and scars. I buy the actual leaves in the produce section of the grocery store, split it in half, and apply the gel every morning after washing the face. Leave it on all day until your nighttime regimen. It does several things:

1. It feeds your skin many necessary nutrients which it so desperately needs because of all the harsh chemicals and alcohol that strips and irritates the skin.

2. It dries up pimples.

3. It makes the existing pimples much less red, which is important when you have to face the world during the day.

4. It fades red marks that are the aftermath of a healed pimple.

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Not being a newbie at pimples (7 years) ive tried many cleansers and i think to get the clean face after cleansing with a good face wash use a toner on a pad and u can see how much dirt you have missed with the cleanser especially at night time.

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