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a few quick questions

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I had been using rosula (wich sucks really really hard) for almost 2 years now. Duac gel at night ontop of the rosula for about a year. The rosula just made my face twice as bad, but the dermatologist told me to "keep up with it". I wanted to punch him in the face everytime I went to go see him. Eventually I just couldn't take it anymore and the duac gel (2.5% bp and an antibiotic) seemed to help, so I decided to quit the rosula and try dan's bp regimen.

I use neutrogena on the spot, cetephil daily moisturizer with spf 15, and cetephil normal skin cleanser. So far this seems to been working pretty well, but I have a ton of tiny marks under my skin on my cheeks that WILL develop into pimples, and I think have to so they can get out of my skin. Anyone have this problem? I was thinking maybe a cleanser with sacylic acid (sp?) would help open my pores to let the bp in and take these little marks out. Is this a good idea?

Just so you know, the bp isn't too harsh on my face because I've been using duac. I still need to moisturize everytime I use it, but it doesn't turn my face red or itch as bad as it would for someone who just started using it.

Should I use a cleanser with sacylic acid? If so, which one is good?

Anyone else have those little bumps/marks under your skin?

Is there anything that reduces red marks from the pimples that bp kills so quickly? I'm afraid my face will turn into one big red mark.

Just so you guys know, CVS pharmacy makes a cheaper version of neutrogena's on the spot treatment.


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Hi, thanks for the tip on the CVS bp!

As for your question, well, are you new to the regimen? Dan recommends sticking to it precisely, especially in the beginning, so adding something like salicylic acid really isn't recommended at this point. Your cleanser and moisturizer and bp sound just fine. I think if you give it more time you will find your face improving. Try to be patient and give the regimen a few more weeks to do it's thing.

If, after a month or two, you are not getting the results you desire, you can consider adding another ingredient, such as the SA. I know some people have eventually added in an SA cleanser into the regimen, but usually this is after a while of strict regimen only.

Hope this helps you!

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Thanks, I guess I'll just keep at it. I notice my skin looks a lot better in the morning right when I wake up, but right after I get out of the shower it looks like it's normal not cool self.

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Acid salicylic or acid azelaic (i dont know if its spelled like that that) should work for forming acne under the skin, just be patient cause it takes a lil` while to show good results smile.gif

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