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I got a question

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However, I have exzema (sp ?) and lately it seems like thats what it could be. There'll be a few bumps on my forehead, and come to a whitehead, and when I squeeze it, pussy stuff doesn't come out, more like liquidy stuff and eventually the white stuff comes out. It also hurts alot more when I squeeze it than a normal pimple would. Do you guys have any other suggestions as to what that would be? Could it have been acne?

Also, across my whole cheek area on my face, I have blackheads that are beneath my skin with puss underneath them. I'm able to get them out, I'm just afraid it'll leave scarring and it's not like there's 1 or 2, there's alot more.

AND (lol) lately I've been breaking out on the side of my face. I just started using an electric razor in that area and thats when they started coming up. What do you think it could be? Do you think that it's acne there?

I know acne is usually genetically related, and no one in my family has ever had acne, so I don't know what's on my face. You can only really see the imperfections up close, but I want my skin to be flawless up close....

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wait til the pimples ripen up. its a whole lot easier to squeeze, IF YOU MUST. I mean I love poppin pimples, but be patient and wait for that nice plump nodule/whitehead. Also wash wash right after, until it stops bleeding. that helps with redness.

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