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How Long before switching to Eucerin Moisturizer?

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I just started the Regimen 5 days ago and I was wondering how long one has to wait before switing to the Eucerin Skin Renewal Moisturizer? My skin is so flaky and it's sooo embarrasing! Especially when your friends look at you sorta funny and stuff.

It anyone can please let me know how much time I need to wait until switching to the Eucerin one that would be greatly appreciated. Right now I am using Neutrogena's Oil Free moisturizer. It just makes these white patches on my chin and after 30 minutes the flakes appear (ugh)...

Thanks alot you guys!

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God I know about the flakes. I had them so bad, and I went to my cousins concert and I felt like a freak, it was so bad. Ack. I could have cried.

But I persisted. I had flakes for about 2 weeks, and now Its almost my 4th week and I barely have a dry spots.

What helped me alot was not to wait a complete 15 minutes. If I waited that long my face was flaky before I even applied BP!

So as my face was dry to the touch and smooth, about 3-7 minutes... I applied then. I did the same with the moisturizer too. smile.gif

Oh and I just switched the the Eucerin. I'd wait at least 2 weeks or until your skin isn't freaking out anymore.

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Have you used bp in the past before? Do you think you're pretty sensitive to it? I ask, because I started using the Eucerin from day 1 of starting the regimen, and I had no trouble with it at ALL. But I felt pretty safe doing so because I used bp in the past and I felt like my skin could tolerate it--although when I use a 10% solution and don't moisturize, my skin looks like that of a 70 year old!

Anyway, if you're dying to switch, you should buy some Eucerin and test a small patch to see if it stings. I really like this moisturizer for daytime...I've been using it at night too because I can't find one without sunscreen that I like for nighttime. I tried some Neutrogena crap that turned my forehead into an oily mess and I'm still recovering...

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This is kindof an individual decision as the others mentioned. If you think your skin can tolerate, go ahead and give it a shot, you can always switch back if you experience too much stinging. I used Eucerin from the beginning, as I was not new to bp at all.

Good luck.

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