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Shiny yet dry forehead

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Ok. I'm on the regimen (just started) and after I apply the BP, and Vita-K for blotchy skin, I then use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin. I've noticed that my forehead is quite shiny and yet the skin also looks dry and tight simultaneously....Can anyone recommend anything, like perhaps a new moisutrizer or something?

I saw a Neutrogena Moisturizer with Vitamin E that was supposed to be good for blotchy skin and pigmentation (which is a problem I have)...Does anyone know if this would go well with my Vita-K treatment?

Thanks alot for any replies.

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oh man...you might be making the mistake I did when I first started using this stuff....I used to put the BP on....leave it overnight...wash it off in the morning and then scrub like crazy.....man....what a mistake...(heh i was so dumb a couple of years ago) ....after the scrubbing like crazy.....It'd basically peel off the first layer of skin...and be left with this shiny...raw....skin/flesh...that hurt whenever anything touched it...

My stupid childhood story heh..hope your not doing this too...

luckily it was only on a small part of my body.

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i have this prob now ..

i can either rub it and have shiny skin or leave it and it all peels and makes me look terrible ..

i think ill take the shiney look till i know what im doin wrong

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If that is the neutrogena lotion with the fruit extracts or some other crap then stay away from it, it will only make you break out. I like the Neutrogena lotion that dan recommends, you can find a picture of it on this site. Also if you are using a soap that dries your face then that will make it respond by producing a shitload of oil. I use the cetaphil cleanser and it leaves your face feeling good instead of tight and dried out.

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