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Should I take Accutane?

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Sorry I know there was a topic like this a while ago but I want my own topic

I had a loooooong talk with my derm yesterday about my acne...he basically said that there is no such thing as a miracle cure and that not even Accutane can promise it, and that it is a really big risk when sooner or later I will outgrow it. He also said that the only thing that can get rid of acne is aging and that as I get older, like maybe 2 or 3 years from now it will get better (I'm 17). What really took me by surprise was when he said that Accutane and all the other meds I've been taking are basically the same, that they produce the same results and that it's just a hyped-up version of all the retin a and tazorac and stuff. Anyway what happened was that what he said really brought me down to earth about Accutane and now I'm not sure I want to take it. Coupled with all the stuff I know about it so far from the WWW, and also from what I've read here that Kelly's going through a really touch time with it ( ) really shook me and now I wonder if it'll just be better to ride out my acne until I don't have to deal with it so much anymore? But the thing is my father had acne into his 30's, and I get my skin from him so what if I don't outgrow it for another two decades? Life is already short as it is, I don't want to waste it worrying about my skin and not doing normal things. Then again I don't want to harm my body so much from Accutane and then have it come back to haunt me 30 years from now, and there's alwasy the chance it WON'T work and I'll end up with horribly crippled health. I don't know, what do you guys think I should do? Thanks in ad. for your help/

Also for ppl who are dealing with a problem similar to mine, I posted an identical reply at clearskin4me.com if you want more feedback.

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Agree with the above poster.

Acne scars physically (and emotionally) and occasionally derms can be a bit patronising and not too serious about it because it is a common and often passing problem. You wouldn't have gone to a derm in the first place unless it was worrying you and I think your specialist has let you down. He is just quessing it might pass...but who is taking the risk on that guess...you. The best advice I can offer - it is in your own best interests NOT to assume you'll grow out of it. Of course most people do...but you have already identified that your odds are less than average considering your genetics. There was a post about the "biggest skin regret" in the lounge recently...a number of people said they wished they'd taken accutane earlier.

Acne is sometimes curable ...but it is almost always manageable. But you got to try some stuff...hoping for the first and being prepared to settle for the later.

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in short, i agree with the above. as a generalisation, yes, you should take it, cuz you most likely won't look back after.

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Doctors always assume you will grow out of acne, but for the most part they have not really had bad acne and dont understand what we are going through.....even if u do grow out of it, do u really wanna wait three or four years for that?? I started getting acne around 16 and I am now 22 and on my third session of Accutane. Each time I took it I had beautiful skin until the acne came back. I am hoping it will be gone for good this time but who knows...the side effects are blown way out of proportion by the few people who have experienced life altering effects from the drug. I suggest try it on whatever dose is correct for your weight, and if you start having bad side effects lower the dosage (dry skin, dry lips and small nose bleeds arent bad side effects). Anyways good luck



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