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Cetaphil for Cleanser

Sqrew Cetaphil.......the stuff is crap!! I don't know how ppl use it??

Get SPECTRO JEL!!! the unfragranced one! Its a million times better!!

It's the same concept as Cetaphil, its just much much more effective.

Really, 18yochick...?! So many people love Cetaphil (myself included), but I haven't tried Spectro Jel in years and years. What makes it better than Cetaphil? How does the price compare? I have very dry, sensitive skin, so I wub.gif my Cetaphil, but am never unwilling to try something new.

Yes, John, you can get it in pharmacies in Ontario. I've purchased it at Shopper's Drug Mart, Walmart, Zellers... among others. I think there is only one kind of cleanser, but I could be wrong. It's a great product, very versatile. In a pinch, I've even used it as a light moisturizer. I never stress about rinsing it all off, which I think saves my skin from some irritation and overwashing. It's not great for getting make-up off, but I doubt that'll be a prob for you.

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lol... I pretty much use Cetaphil *only* as a makeup remover now tongue.gif

I spread it thickly on my skin, then use cotton pads to wipe it off before washing with basis sensitive skin bar.

As simply a cleanser, DO NOT DILUTE before putting it on your face! Just squeeze into your palm, massage throughout your skin, and when you're satisfied, just rinse smile.gif

(The last tip was especially for people who might have some left to exhaust. If you already use it another way and it's working for you, no need to change!)

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Instead of sloughing oily moisturizers (yes, "oil-free" ones still clog your pores), put on some Cetaphil CLEANSER when you're dry. My dermatologist told me this little secret. It works wonders, doesn't clog your pores, and doesnt make your skin oily at all!


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