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What do i have????

I had bad acne about a month and a half ago. Its clearing up now but i still have a problem.

The exact place hwere i had acne is the only place that is red. My skin isnt red at all. I have red spots all over my face. If you were to feel my face is prefectly smooth, you wouldnt suspect a thing.

What is this?

Will it go away?

What easy simple things can i do to speed up the healing process?

Ill try and get a pic as soon as i can, but until than help me pout!

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It seems you have the same thing as me. My acne is gone now, I've got like one tiny active pimple, and then a few red 'spot' marks, along with a darker spot on my left side. These occur to many people, and will fade over time. (They shouldn't leave a scar either, as long as there is no hole or anything). Apparently they can take up to 18 months, but for some it could be longer.

"Heartless" suggested some useful things to try in my thread:

chris16, most of us get residual marks after the acne is cleared and time will heal them.

To speed up the healing process, chemical peels will remove the upper layers of the skin and will help to improve the darker spots. If you choose a chemical peel, it may take several treatments. Further, have the peels performed by a medical professional. Some estheticians do peels, but if it's done incorrectly, your face can be scarred because it's done with very strong acids.

Another option is to use a product with high levels of hydroquinone. It takes time, but with continued use it will fade the dark scars. I recomend Serious Skin Care's Fading Fluid found at hsn.com. You can also find hydroquinone creams in stores, but these are usually quite thick and can cause more acne. By the way, when you use hydroquinone, it is crucial to use a sunscreen or else the treated areas can become even darker.

I also recommend Super CP Serum from skinbiology.com. You can check out the site for yourself with respect to both the acne and scar sections. Copper peptide has the ability to heal skin by encouraging skin to increase production of collagen.

You can also order Exfol from skinbiology.com too. It is a 2% salicylic acid gel (if you are not allergic to salicylic acid) that can help exfoliate your skin thereby lessening the appearance of the scars.

Good luck.

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if they are not indented u can use retina or tazoraz. It works well for just plain marks that aren't indented.

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Im using retin a-micro, same thing right?

I hat enot being able to take an active role n helping my acne.

I feel so helpless...

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